Arcane secrets of this game

While I specifically wanted a list of which attacks can ignore shields, such as flail L3/4 or Sword and dagger push attack, I realized that information is intentionally kept hidden from players.

There is something to be said for having a player discover something on their own, such as dodge timing or how weapon attacks chain. But hiding basic information like how much health an enemy has or how finesse multipliers are different from weapon to weapon is behavior I despise. I can be told “dodge here” but I won’t absorb it until I play and learn it. I can be told that rapier does huge damage on headshot, but without knowing the specific number I will not know if that headshot is something I could add % vs to hit a breakpoint!

For a game that has such excellent balance and good gameplay the knowledge required to play well is obscured.


If you play on pc you can add the armory and bestiary mods that have basic weapon attack information and enemy stats. Use the Workshop tab on Steam.

There are also tonnes of guides in the Guides tab on the VT2 Steam page, just check that they have been updated recently by checking the patch number.

Youtube also has plenty of tutorials and guides.

Most of the information you want isn’t really useful until you reach higher difficulties, so wouldn’t really be appropriate for the basic in-game tutorial. Just do a little digging and you will find plenty of community-made resources. In that respect, vermintide is similar to Dark Souls - cryptic mechanics figured out and explained by the players.

There is also this reddit post.

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Good thing that the game has been out for a good while now and nearly everything regarding mechanics, talents, weapons, enemies, etc can be found with little bit of searching and googling or simply just by asking.

There is also lot’s of information that barely anyone needs. Finesse multipliers are good example of something that might sound interesting to understand perfectly, but its just as easy to test it out in some breakpoint calculator.

I actually enjoy reading info I didn’t know about the game on there forums, or be told in game.
The game manages to still have stuff to teach me even after 1500 hours on it.

Yeah, It’s a valid criticism. Especially when you’re at less than 30 hours or so the game almost seems like it lacks depth entirely. Part of that is the low difficulty but another part is the obfuscation of information and effects.

Without using external sources you might not even immediately realize that weapon damage isn’t a random number on each swing, or that each swing has different effects.

Hasn’t seemed high on fatsharks priority list, probably doubly so with mods picking up some slack.

I recommend the Damage Calculator for all your breakpoint calculation needs.

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Thanks for the Reddit post. While old and I am unsure of its accuracy, it is helpful.

I’ve got 1000 hours plus. Just because I play a lot doesn’t mean I know the random trivia.

Only explicitly useful for PC. Console enemies have more HP. Sometimes it doesn’t matter. Most of the time it takes one or two properties more than PC to hit a breakpoint. Only way to gather information on specific specials is to start a map, hope for that special, kill it three times (or a combination of known enemy health) to do math from the post game stat screen.

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One of my biggest gripes with not only this game but also with many games is that the tooltips and descriptions and other extremely useful information is simply not given to players or is open to generous levels of interpretation.

There is no good reason to hide lots of this kind of information from players or to poorly design descriptions of talents (or flat out get them wrong).

I am not an idiot, Fatshark. I know what numbers mean. I am not a child. Do not hide extremely useful numbers from me, the player, in a game where numbers are incredibly important.


While this is true, you still can modify the enemy health stats in the calculator yourself and unless the weapon stats are also radically different, then it should give pretty valid results.
Sure it requires bit of grunt work to get the exact health values if those are not recorded anywhere but the calculator would work even on console.

It is up-to-date as far as I know. I believe the author makes efforts to edit it when needed.

I meant “when one is at 30 hours or so”.

That is: this is an even bigger issue for new players. Not that it’s not an issue for older players.

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