Hidden mechanics

One thing I really hated in Vermintide were all the hidden mechanics. If we didn’t have modders and the like we wouldn’t know how linesman, heavy linesman and tank worked or how the different mob types were affected.

I don’t understand why information about ingame mechanics isn’t readily available instead of having to go to 3rd party sites for it.

I really hope Darktide will be different.

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Because the devs don’t play this game x)

Jokes aside, Vermintide wasn’t made for modded dificulty and the ideas you mention only become important there (and even on modded you don’t have to be strict about it always). As far as I know Aqshy is the only one at Fatshark that plays modded regularly.

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I feel like the complexity is what gives the game (VT2) its character. Allowing for different cleave properties, different damage versus different armor classes, etc. makes the melee interesting. Even ignoring different damage profiles, if every enemy had the same mass/stagger resist and every weapon attack had the same cleave/stagger it’d be very homogeneous and boring.

I do hope there is something along the lines of the armory and bestiary mods actually baked into this game, but I suspect they will be different. I doubt we’ll see a bestiary at all or it will be very slimmed down but we’ll have to have some sort of numerical breakdown for weapon profiles due to the variability they are implementing in them. You’ll have to have some way to compare and select weapons based on their now-changeable stats.

Having to rely on hidden mechanics to give your game complexity is bad game design. If you want to make a game more complex you add more mechanics, you don’t hide them from your players.

hahaha XD

Yeahhhh… Noooo

Some things youll find out on your own. Effectiveness, Feel of a Weapon and so on.
Its boring if everything is done and said in the beginning. Experimentation keeps the Game going as well, is it not. If you cant find it out, or at a breakpoint how to do, there is always help.
But yes, u need to know the Basics like what its good for. Single Target or “Cleave” f0r multiple Enemies for example on a Sword. Then you can find it out really fast. In V2 it was way better than V1. Also, for the most part, i had amzaing Peopz helping me out when i started the Game. Lots of Vets, and you know if they are. Helping you out explaining and so forth. Really amazing Community.
They hopp into lower difficulty just to get the Ball rolling iMO. To get players into the Game. And also have fun. I tried to watch Vids on Grims and Tomes but couldnt remember. Just from Playing with Good Peopz you know them right away.

Armory ive never seen through it. Thats where i needed Vids from Math Geniuses ^^
Linesman this and that wtf. Doesnt mean jack Shite to me… XD

Its not all about which Weapon is best on Paper, also what can youn do with it, do you feel comformtable?! That makes you a better Player aswell.

Sorry , coming back to hidden Mechanics. I always love to use every button in Games and try all the classic Combinations and see what it does. the rest you can find out by accident for sure!
If not ask, or watch a Vid.

Sometimes it could have been explained better, but still you get there NP

It’s cute how you think these things won’t be found and broken down within the first week of the game if it’s not made available from the start.

Lol, experimentation keeps the game going. As if. If Fatshark don’t do it modders will.

Sadly, due to dedicated server set-up, there will be no mod support for Darktide.

Also, we are less likely to see things like the breakpoint calculator because weapons no longer have a set damage. So, if you are concerned about breakpoints, you’ll have to figure them out on a case-by case basis. But with automatic weapons and high ammo capacities breakpoints might be less of a concern than they were previously.

Well, if the melee design wasn’t complex, it’d be like your typical FPS melee that’s added in as an afterthought. A quick swipe with non-existant range and no feel to it. Like some Throne-cursed CoD knife-only match, it’d be one hit per enemy and one enemy per hit, rinse and repeat ad nauseam to the end of the match.

That’d be pure crap. So I am very grateful for the added complexity.

As far as the obfuscation, most of it can be determined by play. Do you need to know that the Tank modifier decreases trash mass by about 50% but also increases chaos warrior mass by 1000%? Not really. If you pay attention, you’ll notice you cleave hordes like butter but when a single CW pops in, it stops you real quick. As long as the hub has a firing range with different armor types, it should give us all the knowledge we need.

Probably because the nuances are not made for the typical casual gamers who wouldn’t make it to higher difficulties where the hidden stats become more important.

They just go “haha chainsword goes brrrrrr.”

These days every game’s got its own wiki, so this isn’t a huge problem for players who got into VT2. For new players however, these subtleties are sometimes lost on them if the game makes no allusion at all to the deeper mechanics. Learning how the game feels only takes you so far, especially when the firing range and the enemy dummies are really basic.
I think it’s pretty sad that all vanilla-VT2 gets in terms of weapon information is the push-block angle, stamina shields and a 3-word description. They could definitely do better than that.