Too easy now?

Since the new patch, I’ve had a couple quickplay legend games where I took 0 damage, even when getting multiple green circles and playing aggresively. Getting hit NEVER feels too easy now, and I think two major culprits are how good dodging is and special enemy downtime. I think it’d give a needed boost in difficulty for special spawns to not be restricted during certain times (namely finales), random spawns continuing throughout in addition to any scripted ones. Maybe even during bosses, too? Dodging should also be toned down, maybe the new dodge mechanics should only apply to overheads?


Pics or it didn’t happen. I play with some of the best players on the entire game. LVL 1600 on one character plus hundreds of levels on others, and even they take at least 50 damage per game lol. You’re either lying or an absolute god at this game. If normal QP legend isn’t enough for you, fire up some Double Damage, Double HP deeds with twitch mode on 30/30 like the rest of us do.

Also, I regularly get specials during boss fights. Had 2 gutter runners and a gas rat last game.


I think it is in a right place. Rather the new thp makes the game harder.

And remember, there are deeds and mods.


It’s a fair suggestion but the reason I do quickplay legend is 'cause I usually just have time for 1 or a few games when I play, and being immediately thrown into a group is a lot quicker than having to organize a group of players outside the game like deeds require. It’s possible I am just outgrowing the game content, but it’s only just now with the new patch that i’m having no-damage runs.

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I still don’t believe you lol… Are you honestly sitting here saying you are clearing legend quickplays with random pubs without taking at least even 1 damage. Post a video so we mere peasants may learn from your godliness.


Moreso without getting hit by enemies, I usually have 20-30 friendly fire damage tho. But yes, it’s happening in quickplay legend games. I’ll see if I can record a game sometime.

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Disagreed with the specials spawns, since they seem frequent enough to me, but I do absolutely second the opinion that dodges are too easy to use now, I much preferred them the way they were before. I mean, it actually wasn´t trivial to dodge elite attacks.

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I think it was already too easy before the patch but it got even a bit easier over all now while some incredibly easy classes (Pyro, WS, BH) got quite a bit harder to play.

Yes, just dodging left and right makes you almost invulnerable against any below elite enemy just stay clear of your teammates. It also makes fighting multiple elites far easier.

I would like to do this if it was as easily accessible as quick play. I don’t have the means to gather a team all the time and I’m not interested in a discord server that attempts to judge people.

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I know what you mean.
Yesterday I was playing with my three girlfriends at our new gaming loft in NYC I rented last week (I have problems concentrating in my Helsinki Mansion because the cyborg-shark-bears in the garden make quite some noise) and we came to the conclusion that its far to easy.
I get hit once every ten games or so normally since I’m generally a superior “human being” (flying billionaire demigod fits better but at our last brunch with Kim Jong Un and the lads, Megatron told me I can’t call myself like that officially) but the last fifty I didn’t received a single blow, neither did the girls. I called Albert Einstein and he could just second my thoughts. He said its relatively simple to carry pubs trough legend right now.

The good thing is that since I’m such a transcendent deity-like creature I can now play V2 with one hand and work on my personal spacecraft or train for my deep sea diving explorations with the other one.
But who doesn’t eh? Haha.


Shiny Beedoof


Probably not too easy for most but definately much less demanding and if one could avoid damage before patch it now feels like enemies are no more than blabbering traffic cones that dont even try to hit you anymore. Plus the stagger creep and it gets even more faceroll than the good old run and gun meta.
After two or three games I got very lazy, often you dont even need to dodge anymore and can just strafe/stagger everything to death.

Definately took a good portion of the games thrill away for me… sadly the majority seems to like it though.


Had a good QP group last night so we did some legend deeds and even got books. It was a pretty satisfying challenge.

It’s always hard for me to gauge if the game gets easier or not though, since doing QP with a terrible team will make regular legend feel impossible xD

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Absolutely too easy. The power ceiling for heroes with maxed out gear is way to high for legend to be a satisfying difficulty. The fact that soloing Legend is even possible is so silly, this is supposed to be a co-op game. The highest difficulty should be impossible to clear without fighting as a group.


With this community, you will never see the game impossible for solo players to complete. In the first game there was a modded super-hard difficulty called Deathwish . . . and some people STILL True Soloed it.


True solo isn’t as hard as you think. Jsat is a really good player, no one can deny that. But he also plays with a mod that doubles boss damage and disables patrols. He also never picks up the grim, let alone two grims. There are certain things true solo players never need to worry about, they always get first pick of supplies, they never have to stop and risk picking someone up, they never get blindsided by an attack or special that was aimed at someone else, whenever they stealth the AI just freezes instead of ganging up on the visible players, and the game never spawns extra specials because one player is isolated from the rest of the party. On top of that Jsat uses strategies most playes don’t even know exist like QQ cancel to swing a 2h hammer faster than normal, or Q switching double-double slayer axes to spam L1 and gain a movement speed boost. The latter wouldn’t even work in a normal party because you can’t move that much faster without leaving the rest of the party behind to die. The game that Jsat plays and the game that your average QP party play are completely different, using one as a metric to balance the other is ridiculous.


The game has always been easy and I’ve uttered my opinion on this more than once. Prior to the new patches I could run legend taking next to no dmg on must runs. After the new patch I really haven’t played that much as the game doesnt present any challenge. Truly don’t understand FS hesitation to implement another difficulty. It would satisfy a lot of people and give rise to a new challenge for everybody.
Can’t be that difficult to change a few enemy stats etc.

These are the lest 5 games taken prior to the new patches. Dmg correlates with normal runs and when the AI director went insane. Which it does or at least did a lot.

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I would just prefer that they implemented simpler way to use deeds. Something like quickplay where you only have to have to press a single button “Join Deed” and you would simply join a lobby playing a deed. The current process is too tiresome for most players including me.

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Because skill levels vary. The Legend queue is already full of players that don’t understand basic concepts like dodging and blocking and only made it to level 30 because other people dragged them there. If they implemented a Legend+ difficulty those same players would jump right in because the only thing they care about is getting the most xp and loot. The normal Legend queue would die and the people looking for a “real” challenge are going to spend all of their time babysitting.

I think they should focus on making the Deed system better as the Legend+ mode. It already disables the matchmaker so you don’t have random players who might bite off more than they can chew. Let us craft/reroll/upgrade deeds and put our nearly useless scrap to use.

Then what are you going to do when some random player joins your deprivation/abduction legend deed, gets killed within a minute and then leaves to rejoin the queue and ruin some other game? Not saying that’s a terrible idea but it would have issues.

Maybe have a weekly deed that you can do as often as you want, but you only get the extra reward a certain number of times.


Well… You could always just set your game to private and it would become identical to how it works now. That change would just make the deeds more accessible.

Weekly or daily quests with deed modifiers would be really great, but it would require more work to properly implement it. The weekly cata quests from the first game would always bring the community together, but the new quest system feels so meh, when compared to the first game.

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