Tower of Treachery experience in Recruit difficulty

Hi all!
Me and my friends are not such skilled players of this game, even if we pratically already finished at least once all missions in the game in Recruit difficulty. At max we had to retry it a bounce of times.

Yesterday we tried Tower of Treachery for the first time, obviously at Recruit difficulty.
We had no particular issue in the whole mission… but the boss seems really out of balance!
And out of scale, if compared to all other experiences we had before by playing this game in Recruit difficulty.

It’s a bit of a mess, in a very small area, with an hole in the center, filled of mobs, half of which shielded, with even two sequence of moving AoEs lines (almost oneshotting), and mulitple and continuos spawn of special mobs.

After you launched a barrel, you can easily get nocked out somehow, especially by special mobs… like a sudden Lifeleech which stops you while AoEs lines passes, one or even two at time Blightstormers hidden somewhere (because the map is small, but full of spots to hide out of sight)…

You can try to stick together, but succeeding to do that is a very different stuff!

In my opinion it’s ok to have a challenge, but it have to be balanced with the difficulty you’re playing in.
If I’m playng Recruit, it have to be doable by noobs with 100 or so points equipment (after a bounch of tries, but ok…).
And that boss fight seems to not be like that at all.

I was using a Lev.25 character with 450+ equip points.

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difficulty inconsistency does exist in the game, and i understand the frustration,
but i fear you will hear answers that won’t be satisfying,
large part of the people here mastered every aspect of the game and we can be protective about the game design especially when its about difficulty.

however if you want feedback or tip’s how to improve, there are a ton of supportive people here.

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Actually I know it’s always about that in game communities.
But I’m talking about Recruit difficulty, which should be designed for rookies.

If you really need to be any skilled and mastered facing something in the rookies difficulty, there’s something wrong in the way that battle’s difficulty is balanced, in my point of view.
It’s like when you’re looking for a job and they say “we want a junior with experience”, if you know what I mean. :smiley:

I’m surely not saying that it have to be all roses and flowers in Recruit difficulty, but still it have to feel “possible” for newbyes with a 100 or so points equipment: that’s the purpose of having a difficulty choice.
Sure, they’ll have to need to retry a bounce of times, but they also need to feel it possible, doable.

There’s a thin line between a demanding gaming experience, and an unbalanced experience.
Also, as said, we already did all other missions on Recruits, and this boss fight doesn’t seems on the same difficulty scale of all other Recruits experience in the game.

Obviously mine is just a feedback.
I report it because I think a rookie point of view is also important for the game, when talking about rookie difficulty.
If you tell me most of people here are masters of the game, it should be even more precious a rookie feedback for developers.
Surely they’ll not get a rookie feedback from game masters. :slight_smile:

No need to be overprotective with a product, in my point of view.
Criticisms can be constructive and could even be needed.


i totally agree, but you can’t help but get the feeling that changes will have an effect on all difficulties.

this is true of course but as it stands fatshark very rarely communicates in threads, so what happens is that people like me come and start talking, (often derailing the thread in progress).

im not telling you your opinions don’t matter im just saying that if you were expecting a discussion about this topic you might not get what you’d expect.

just out of curiosity, did you had the same feelings towards enchanter’s lair bossfight? it is often said that the boss fight has a significant spike in difficulty.

Uhm, no. Sorry I don’t agree.
I’m sure enough, instead, you can even make the experience totally different between difficulties, actually. While it’s not what I’m suggesting.

It just shouldn’t be an issue at all to make Recruit mode have less skellies, the AoEs green lines deal less damange, or make Special mobs spawn a bit less often and less simultaneously.
They’re all adjustement doable for each single difficulty, I suppose.
I would be surprised if it wouldn’t be like that.

The only thing maybe they should fix for all difficulties, not just doable in a single difficulty, it’s about Blightstormers having too much blinds spots in the boss arena where they can hide.

And this is a bit sad.
I was gone on Discord first, which usually it’s a very first devs contact place in other game communities, and they told me to try the forum instead, for the same motivation.

We found it difficult, but doable.
Infact we insisted, we understood the mechanincs, and we did it at the end.
Well, we also had a random that time, but we needed various tries.

Still it seemed doable.
This boss fight for Tower of Treachery doesn’t give me same sensation for rookies like we are, even in Recruit difficulty.


Hmm removing specials from certain difficulties shouldnt be a problem for the devs and fine for the community. They did it in the past several times. For example at the endevent of convocation of decay.


The health and mass of the enemies is totally fine and balanced around 100 itemlevel. I guess it is more about the amount of specials and over all enemy amount at the endevent.


Firstly, there is HUGE value in feedback at entry-level missions. Its really good for the game so thank you for putting your head above the parapet and discussing recruit level. Its refreshing.

My comment is that i’m a veteran both here and in game, and no matter what level you first attempt it at, its tough when you dont know the mechanics. i wiped twice in fast succession at legend to the spinning death-floor until someone else told me wtf was going on. The blue skulls bouncing the barrels away tilted me until i figured how to throw it so they dont hit the barrel.

None of this is HP at high level, spawn rates, enemy hitting power or whatever. Its all mechanics that punish you no matter the difficulty. So my advice is understand the mechanics, dont even try forbthe barrels unless theres 2 of you together, concentrate on keeping people alive rather than completing the mission. Itll be a longer process, but keeping together and keeping people alive is priority at all levels, as cascading failure happens really fast. So keep together and stay alive! The rest will come good.


Most I’d suggest is to make the ghost lasers and flying skulls WAY clearer and not blend in so completely