PLZ Tower Treachery needs HEAVY TUNING

Hi, Tower of Treachery is a map I played 3 times in 8 games with friendly randoes. We failed 3/3 on Legend. People insta quit on this map. It should be FUN.
The map is boring 75% of the LONG WAY UP and then gets impossible against all odds.

During the map: the waves spawn during the first 50%, OK, then no more?

  • Waves should happen all the way to before the final event.

Kitchen Codes:

  • Remove the AUTOLOCK when a player wanders ahead, it messes the others 3 trying to do the code to have ONE CHANCE to survive lol.

Final Event:

  • Have more FIX healing and AMMO in the Winery room so players get a chance to refuel. It’s sometimes the new(bad) players hugging all the ammo and healing, ruins the fun and lowers the chances of success of the 1-2 good players.

  • Less specials or SPLIT their spawn by a lot more. Or maybe no Tornado/Warlock-Grabbers? Just Hooks and Assassins would be FINE.

  • Have some dialogue from SOFIA on Phase2 (Skellies) that their hands will grab players’s angles, or something clever , so new players can GUESS not to cross those rotating lines of damage. It’s not well explained, and all we can do is “COME HERE” without end.

I’m sure you can do great! Love this game, 1000 hours in! CHEERS FATSHARK! :slight_smile: