Feedback: The new map is unplayable

It is so unbalanced it is not worth playing. I tried to beat it several times on Legend with different teams and we always die at the end because there are too many enemies to handle. I am not going to bother playing it again unless it is balanced.

Is this PC or console complaint?
(seems to launch on 17 on ps4 so PC i guess?)

Sounds like skill issue


New maps are challenging because were so good now they have to be!

Drop difficulty down if your having trouble

Aha so Trail of Treachery finally hit console? We had some of these complaints back during PC launch too.

And so with reservation for console possibly being different in this regard, the answer the PC community arrived to was “git good”. Figure out where to stand, how to kite and what to watch out for all you´ll be dandy.

Ah it somewhat reminds me of when Alatreon or Fatalis hit MHW, the salt rivers kept going for weeks.

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I think it’s not the enemies in general but the camo blightstormers. Their range is insane even on normal maps and makes it very hard to find them. And they tend to teleport after obstacles after casting. Furthermore, they cast their spell even from cover when we cannot see them at all. See Grain.
Everything else is manageable.

This mission is more difficult than your average mission, even if you use the secrets, but I don’t think it’s as difficult as The Enchanter’s Lair finale. I played it with my friends on Cata when it was new to PC and we didn’t know any of the hidden supply caches or to avoid doing all the torches at once, but we still beat it several times before learning more reliable ways to ensure we win.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Light the beacons.
    There are a few YouTube walkthroughs that will show you where they are. There are three beacons total but only two need to be lit and only two will be available; the location of the second one depends on which map layout you get. Lighting two beacons open up two different supply caches available before the finale, giving you access to an unlimited ammo crate in the arena and a bunch of bombs, healing potions, and utility potions.

  2. Do NOT approach the Lumber mill until ready and do NOT flip the switch after the cogs are placed until ready. Pace yourself.
    Approaching the Lumber mill will begin the cog search triggering a nasty wave of enemies usually consisting of a few specials, black rats with shields and halberds, and a few plague monks.
    Flipping the switch will trigger another nasty second wave of the same stuff.
    Before the Lumber mill off to the side, there is a small house with a few supplies in and around it.

  3. On the finale, do NOT light all of the torches right away. Pace yourself.
    Like breaking all the chains in Garden of Morr’s finale, you will trigger all the hordes at once, but unlike the Garden of Morr, it’s three very large hordes all at once with a monster. This can be fun if you have a team that’s capable and wants to do it, but as a general rule, I don’t trigger all three at once.
    The process should be: wave, torch, wave, torch…

  4. On the finale, do NOT drop the torch once it is picked up.
    Every time it is dropped and respawns 2 more specials spawn. It seems while the torch is being held, specials keep spawning so get it done quickly between waves.

  5. The passageway underneath the end arena offers a nice path to kite enemies if it comes to it and a good spot near the path’s exit to defend by the ammo box. If you have Bardin with Trollhammer, that’ll do nicely. Enemies can come from behind though, so beware.

  6. After the finale, talk to Oleysa ASAP.
    Things seem to keep spawning including waves of berserkers on Cata until the players gather around Oleysa. Talking to Oleysa triggers a blast killing all enemies remaining and ending enemy spawns.

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