Tower of Treachery needs a fix NOW

End event is unplayable with Blightstormers spawning behind walls during the Skellies spawn event.
Players in QP insta quit when they see this is the map, a bit like what happened with Dark Omens.
This need to be toned down. At least prevent the spawn of Blighstormers during the end event, they make avodng the killing barriers impossible.
There have been more topics about this in the past few months and yet no fix. People will keep avoiding this map, then, and with good reason, if there is no fix.


I havent seen blightstormers cast through walls in this endevent? Is it indeed happening? I only see them casting and AFTERWARDSporting away behind the walls (but not outside of the arena).

And may i ask on which difficulty you are playing? On cata it is fine to have this happening, but on lower difficulty (recruit-champion) i would also say fatshark should remove the blightstormers from this event.

Yes it’s still happening. They cast from outside, bekind the bookshelves. They also cast behind the bars, making it very difficult to kill them while you fight the skellies and avoid the barrier.
This is happening in Champion and Legend, but the last run on Champion was a nightmare. It was literally impossible to do anything because of the stormers.
I will do like the other players and avoid this map for now. It’s not worth it at all.

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Happened quite a few times actually, granted I haven’t touched that map since the latest patch, but since it’s not in the notes I’m expecting it’s still an issue.

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I hate the ending of this map because new players dont know about the wheel of death after a barrel gets chucked in. You can barely see it. The first 5 or so times I played the map I literally had no idea what was killing me. Now Iv played it many many times and I know whats up I can deal with it without much problem, but every single time I see a newer player on this map, thats exactly what kills them every time.

The spokes NEED to be made more visible.

The rest is also annoying af, the barrels, constant spawn and newbs running around like headless chickens. But I kinda like that! :japanese_goblin:

But the spokes of death? Really badly telegraphed.

My least fave map in the entire game by FAR only because of this one thing and wouldnt you guess, because of how the QP system works (i.e. chooses the least played maps), its the ONLY map I ever get on QP.

Im almost at the point where I too will refuse to play this map in pubs.

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Visibility is a real problem yeah, but a far bigger issue for me are the Blightstormers who hide beyond player reach

And then there’s the fact that I’d never have known the flying skulls was what made the barrels go haywire until someone online pointed it out because they weren’t clear enough

While I agree these are issues, Iv yet to have either stop me completing the mission, just hinder me, unlike the Invisible spokes of doom which takes out three players at once.

I can only survive or revive a few times before a bit of bad luck or bad play from me takes me out. I am great as part of a team but Im no true-solo player.

I usually play every level, even if everyone leaves at the beginning. Used to happen with Skittergate, then Beastmen map, Drackenfels 3rd map, etc.
I’ve played for more than 1000 hours, I have everything for the characters, I don’t need to win the level, I just want to play.
Yet, this map is a nightmare.
I have taught a lot of people about the event, about how to move the barrels and avoid the chaos that ensues. But then, no matter how good you are, you can be left between the event killbox and a storm. There is no avoiding it, it just happens.
I know it’s an RNG game, but I still affirm Blightstormers should be removed during the event.

Another point of contention are the skulls that explode the barrels. They force specific classes into play who can become invisible (Shade, Huntsman) of move quickly (Handmaiden, Slayer) to avoid them. I don’t liike this either, because a QP composition can be useless at the end event.
In any case, know that you can shoot the skulls and cover your teammate with the barrel… If the 100 specials around you let you aim, that is.

The end of this map needs serious review, but FS keeps ignoring it. Therefore, people will keep avoiding it, breaking he QP system…


The whole thing feels overtuned, honestly.

You have a good point in which this map is the only map where it feels you’re at an abnormally large disadvantage.

Like I genuinely feel like I can’t handle this level if I quick played as a Bounty Hunter and non-infinite bomb Outcast Engineer

All maps favour same class more than others. But no map feels this difficult if you’re the wrong class in Solo.

The kiss of contagion on your cheeks!

"…praise my name, and you may yet live!"

Both those fat pricks are a pain, multiplied by unlucky career choices T_T

its been happening since the map dropped im surprised you’ve never seen it before because it happens pretty much every cata run. Yeah the inner walls of the final event on ToT aren’t actual “walls” for the Ai and they’ll cast through them (or they’re casting through the tiniest little pixel in the wall which honestly shouldn’t even be there anyways because the player can’t even fire back through it). Blightstormer casts in general just need a fix they literally clip through everything and this is mainly due to the fact that they don’t need to have sight on when they’re casting. This would be just as easy as making the blightstormers have to have line of sight to cast but for some reason fatshark won’t implement this

The LoS does exist. It was fixed during the original beta. During the initial tests for the game the stormers could cast from literally anywhre. Those were the days… I still remember those “Against the Grain” runs.
I think the problem here is the map itself. Stormers work as intended but something in the map is wrong. The AI may not be detecting the walls as… walls and we have this issue.

that’s not entirely true, this bug exists also in Enchanter’s Lair. When walking up the stairs after retrieving the 2nd(?) tome; sorcerer’s can cast through the walls of the castle. Also the end event of Athel Yenlui the casters can cast through the arches/pillars that surround the outer arena area. So i’m hard to believe LoS for them exists. It works for leeches by nature of how they’re supposed to down you. As for stormers that’s far from the case.

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At enchanters lair i have the stormer bug every second run. But on tower of treachery somehow not and i have run both map hundreds of times. Maybe it has to do something that i am playing as host 99% of the time? But on the other hand it seems strange that the stormer bug on ToT depends on being host or client…