Toughness Bleedtrough - Worst gameplay decision in a long time

That’s an exaggeration and I did not mean to imply that.

What I mean is that, from the way the devs presented this mechanic initially, it was supposed to be a buffer against the occasional mistake or stray hit (in comparison to VT2 where a stray hit will demolish half your HP if you’re squishy).

But if you are low HP for whatever reason, toughness fails to fulfill that purpose, because of bleed-through damage, and you’ll just get downed instead.

I think attrition mechanics should be embodied by corruption instead, which is easily understood and more visible.

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the reason why melee hits stuns you briefly is, get this, it does HP damage. secondly, switching is instant, just not from melee to your gun, only from your gun to your melee.

Yes, I know. Switching from ranged to melee to deal with a random enemy is instant, which is then often followed by switching back to ranged, and that can take some time depending on the weapon.

you can still swap instantly though, it’s READYING time you’re talking about. which, btw, the melee’s don’t have.

Please stop splitting hairs. We all know what we’re talking about.

oh, no, sorry missread, i see now you’re talking about readying up a melee then swaping back to start down towing units again. yeah that takes time, i usually just shoot unless i have to reload.


There are tons of issues with the game, but as avid v1/2 player I still saw aspects of the core still in darktide… but with these recent changes I’m actually considering refunding as well.

Delete toughness bleed through, it’s a bad mechanic. Period.


??? They can just keep that without the HP damage? I’m not sure why you’re so hell bent on this being a good thing. Most enemies already do corruption on melee hit that bypasses toughness.

they have to do HP damage to do corruption damage. that’s how it works. You seem not to understand this?

No, it’s a bad mechanic because there’s not Sound cue for Enemies behind you and hit animations. if those where in/fixed, it wouldn’t be an issue.


Are you confused? This is a beta where we are discussing gameplay mechanics we would like changed. The devs, being the ones making the game, are capable of changing the game so that corruption is separate from health chip damage on full release.

We are talking about the DEVS… changing the GAME… and why things as they are right now should be CHANGED. And yet you say “that’s how it works” as though I’m the one confused here. Did you miss the memo that people are talking about health chip being bad because they want the devs to remove it?

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Toughness bleedthrough is pretty bad but the worst part is having your choice to play carefully and stick near your team invalidated because an enemy snuck up behind you or aggro’d on you from behind a corner and was ready to whack you. If FS is convinced toughness bleedthrough is necessary for the gameplay experience at least make it unable to down.

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With this change, finishing 0 damage with sharpshooter is kinda close to impossible even with camo feat as sometimes random pox trash mob spawns behind you and creeps on you with 0 sound and there we go, reset again for another try.

So far all nerfs that have been introduced does not scale well with difficulty as those remain heavily untouched.

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at the very least, melee shouldn’t stagger you, but yes I fully agree, damage through toughness is ridiculous and is very un-fun.

I have been downed multiple times again, even though I had like, almost full % toughness left over. Sometimes because there was just one dude who magneted behind me and gave me a little wack while I was trying to deal with a bulwark or rager or something.

It’s souring me on the game quite a bit, I’m very frustrated with the mechanic and am just getting angrier and angrier about it. It actually just sucks and am actively making me dislike the game.


the fact i was able to do Overwatch proves it is possible. so no, i disagree there.

and i have made a comment things that need to CHANGE because bleedthrough isn’t the issue here. If sound cues existed, am 100% sure that you wouldn’t care about the toughness bleed through. everyone complains about it because they didn’t know they where about to get hit from behind, THAT’S the issue. It doesn’t matter if there was toughness or not, that’s the problem everyone has. Tell me one thing that you guys complain about bleed through that doesn’t include getting hit from behind?

Problem with this logic is:
What is the point of actually stacking Toughness (Yes, as sharpshooter it’s better to stack toughness than it is to stack health) anymore if health stacking becomes meta instead? Getting Legendary curios that give both stats have not been seen by me yet and so far I got 2 of those sitting at 300 toughness. Those might be and will be most likely “meta” with bonus wound resistances but I’m 100% it’s gonna be extreme hassle to re-roll to those perks or 2nd job to farm resources for it.
Toughness gets destroyed by literally anything in half seconds. Be it fire, grenade or small squad from 100 meters away that randomly decides to focus you with sniper accuracy.
Sound cues might be an issue that is harder to “fix” than it is to tweak how toughness could actually work.
We could have melee damage go past toughness at 50% current toughness instead of 100% or even at 75% so we could take that “RNG” punishment.
That is whole point of toughness isn’t it? Save you from a mistake or RNG that would normally kill you. I’ve had a lot of weird enounters when I dodged and was 2 meters away from mob and still got HIT from melee damage thus making run invalid!
Also lately I felt like there was ninja nerf to Camo expert as I see more mobs rushing me during this weekend than I seen 3 days ago.
That is just my viewpoint of class that is supposed to stick to “long-range” combat but on higher difficulty levels you are forced to move majority of time or risk getting RNG’d

Overall current state of Beta is in very weird spot in my eyes, we are getting hit with constant nerfs be it or other issues:

  1. Dodge
  2. Stagger / Ranger Stagger
  3. Feat nerfs (some are completely useless)
  4. Not thought thruu modes (night mode, only certain weapons have flashlights) in which majority of weapons on Diff Lv3+ are useless but you are forced to take them so you can see more than 1M in front of you.
  5. All nerfs but 0 adjustments to overall difficulty at higher levels
  6. Broken MM allowing LV10 or lower people play Diff Lv3+ modes ruining whole runs.
  7. Completely pointless end game as it is now? LV3 difficulty farming for “upgrades” is bad and Lv4-5 difficulty is very rare to finish with how MM works atm.
  8. Stats of weapons and their ItemLv that literally means nothing. Only thing that matters are perks on those weapons and higher grade = more perks and that’s about it.
  9. Overall weapon balance and majority of them being useless on highest difficulties
  10. RNG shop so you can spend whole day hoping to get exact weapon you want to use.
  11. RNG within RNG sprinkled with RNG
  12. I really hope that this amount of RNG isn’t going to be TIED to premium currency that will allow us to cut thruu content grind

Also just because you were able to do Overwatch because you got “lucky” and you didn’t randomly get your whole 20 minute run after trying for 30th time invalid doesn’t mean it should be that ridiciolous and punishing.
I’ve had my runs to be turned into invalid at very end multiple times because of toughness change.
People who done this change before toughness change are in great position.
Main problem with those challenges/achievments are that they are not tweaked after certain changes/balancing passes making them even harder.
Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying it should be easy but reward for the hassle and amount of RNG you need to fight thruu isn’t really worth it.


Mutants grabbing you and doing half your health in damage while you’re sitting at full toughness through all of it.

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