New toughness bleed through feels bad

So toughness bleed through was changed, now at 100 toughness you shouldn’t take any chip damage, but it’s worse at all toughness levels less than 90%.

Removed minimum bleed-through of 10% damage regardless of toughness on melee hits. 100% toughness now blocks all damage. Damage reduction based on toughness at the time of strike (So at 75% toughness, the damage is reduced by 75%)

Played a game as an Ogryn and it felt really bad. With their 300 hp I was fine taking 10% chip damage, but now if my toughness is 20% you take 80% damage to health instead of 10%

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Edit: apparently toughness is bugged, so disregard this post.

It’s actually bugged.

This is how much dmg I took when I was at 100% toughness on heresy difficulty, from one hit.

People are already making arguments based on how it sounds on paper, rather than playing the actual game. The changes are clearly not working as intended. I thought the chip damage was manageable during the closed beta if you played well, I don’t understand why they feel the need to change it further.
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I agree that the beta chip damage was manageable as well.

Also not even surprised that it’s bugged.

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Even without the bugs, giving us only a damage resistance equal to our toughness% makes no sense.

A) it makes toughness increases basically pointless (yes you would take slightly less damage on subsequent hits, but the difference would be small, and you would basically not care since all that matters is having full toughness)

B) It makes the game MUCH more difficult. Before we had ~90% damage reduction until toughness broke. Now we have (at least as intended) 100% damage reduction for 1 hit and then less damage reduction than before. I got picked up by a Mutie on half toughness and with 40 hp and died on the second time it slammed me into the ground, with the old system I would have survived for ~10-15 seconds for my team to help me. Horrible change.


Don’t worry they’ll fix this before the laun-…oh wait.

Instead of messing around with chip damage, they should have put more focus on the other content. This never was a good idea.

Chip damage has to go. It really does. That and they need to adress performance. Those two are the main things right now needing priority.
And OOF the forums on Steam are toxic right now. Can’t even make a single meme thread or fun thread about the game, the hate is non-stop. :<


Full release seems more Beta than Beta…


I dont actually feel it is “bleed through” or “Chip Damage” (Beta chip damage was fine) , i just feel as if the toughness shield doesnt exist anymore.

Shapeshooter, Malice, 100% Toughness, 100%Health. Got hit by 2 poxwalker, down to 100%Toughness and 60% health. Have FS somehow change the formula and we take damage on Health first instead of Toughness?

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I have done further testing and it’s evident that the bug is related to how much toughness you have over 100.

If you play as veteran you automatically have 200 toughness, and thus take way more dmg from melee strikes. The same applies if you have toughness curios, as having 111 toughness will be the same as if you had 89 toughness in the dmg calculation.


Sounds to me like someone didn’t use a “same or bigger” variable where there should have been one.
Man now I’m really itching to see that game code. :smiley:

It also means that was barely tested, if at all

Which is pretty crazy


It wasn’t tested at least in the Pre-order beta. They had the old formula in and didn’t get feedback or testing numbers when they had a large beta playerbase.

You know instead of messing with decimals and stuff in the code since they have clearly demonstrated on -numerous- occasions that they can’t do it right, just remove chip damage entirely and make HP damage start once toughness is gone. That’s a much simpler fix both in the code and for pleasing a good majority of the playerbase.


People still complaining that toughness bleed through has to go altogether really ought to wait till it’s not bugged, and at least give it a decent number of hours with the adjusted system to see how it actually feels before coming back here to complain about hypotheticals.

It is really annoying it’s bugged on release though, I totally understand being annoyed by that.


Totally on board with this. Chip Damage should have never been a thing.


Huh, just did a few damnation games for the first time as a veteran and thought the damage i was taking was a bit excessive with all the toughness i had stacked.
Guess that at least explains some of the reason for why i was getting curb stomped.

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The classes who feel it the most will be Ogryn and Zealot since they’re more melee oriented.

It felt terrible in beta as well. The bleed through mechanic is a step backward from the temp health idea in VT2.

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Give it more hours? They had quite a few I assure you and what did we get after that time of “adjustment”? A bleedthrough that’s even worse than before. How do you make it that it’s so bugged that unless you have exactly 100 toughness, you take -full- bleedthrough dmg? As in toughness is untouched and you get downed by 4 trash mobs that decide to ruin your day cause you’re a toughness stacking character or in the Vet’s case just have more than 100 base toughness to begin with. And what is hypothetical about this? These aren’t what-if scenarios or fake issues. People are reporting actively dying to melee strikes cause they can’t fix out a core game mechanic bug. Seriously the beta was more stable than this and isn’t the point of a beta to test and fix problems? It feels like the launch only added more problems to the game. The smartest thing so far that FS has given the players is the option to refund regardless of how many hours were put into the beta.

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I agree it’s beyond ridiculous that is bugged on release. It is acknowledged as exactly that though, a bug, hence feedback on the new system IS hypothetical until we’re playing the game with bleed through as it’s actually intended to function.

Whinge about the poor release state, I’m right with you on that. Save complaints about bleed through till it’s working as intended.