Too much space requirement

monster hunter world and warframe, which clearly entailed much details requires less memory space by far.
this game however needs more and lacks more.
can anyone explain me why?
because from what ive experienced in this, the game mostly reused same objects and put it all over.

You mean ram or that its have way more detailed maps and models?

I don’t think Monster Hunter World looks better, to be honest. Textures in that game always looked muddy as hell.

The answer is because it’s not the same engine, meaning data is handled differently, and the game also has a ton of content with more maps than MH:W with plenty of different assets.

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lol? just no.
MHW world is much vast, tons of well-detailed monsters, armours, weapons, endemic lives.
sure youve never played it dont you?


I’ve played it and I personally don’t think it looks better. Sorry if you disagree. :slight_smile: Texture resolution size seems a lot lower, and it also taxes my GPU far less as a result.

I’m not sure I want to respond to this author, due to bad experiences prior to this, but here goes. Wait for WoM, game is being repackaged. No idea where I heard, saw read this but I’m pretty sure it’s from official sources. Plenty of reused resources that do indeed take up more space than necessary due to various DLCs not being integrated, or so I heard.


Try high resolution free dlc if so.

As far as i remember, the objects are packed with each map to increase loading time. So it can directly load it and does not need to pull it from somewhere else.
And as someone stated they will change something with the next dlc, but so far not how much it changes in size and we will still get a new map etc.-> So more assets…
Further i dont know how to compare games with different engines and its not like we can count all polygons…


This has often been criticised and it is what separates Fatshark’s game-engine from any of the big 3. It’s not very optimized. Back in the day there basically were Unreal and CryEngine, which first were only licensable at a million dollars+. Later on Unreal 3 and then CryEngine became free with royalties. Shortly thereafter Unity and some more 3D-engines were released, originally with intention for the mobile-market, too. Workshops allowed for new collaborations between content creators. Modern game development with all its’ underpaid creators came into existence. The amount of copy-paste scam games with bought models is only possible due to this development of the marketplace.

To cut things short: at some point everyone who had their game in the 3D-industry took a jab at creating their own realtime engine. For Autodesk this was especially interesting, because unbiased renderers were becoming popular and it was more and more clear that realtime rendering and VR were technologies immediately connected to their future; it means easier Iteration and faster production rates.

So in many ways Vermintide is a showcase of that engine, probably meant to show other companies that “hey we have a realtime (game) engine too!”. However, EPIC has been taking the charge since Unreal Engine 3 with Unity trailing closely behind (in technology). Autodesk’s attempt to introduce a third player failed, but VT still gets its share of development, because it is part of their product lineup now.

Integration of assets, mapping, structure is very similar across all engine-platforms, so it is still a good learning tool. But just like Amazon’s lumberjard it is struggling to compete with the big ones. They usually just have their showcase game, which is reamarkable only in one or two ways. In Vermintide that’s the mass spawn of enemies and adaptive game-experience and the almighty melee-combat.

The thing I never got is why it actually is that large. I think it comes down to their compression and Autodek’s proprietary file formats. I think it also downloads all the dlc maps, since you can play them in a party without owninig the DLC.

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Yea, there are issues with how the game stores images. The Devs have addressed this and it will be fixed for WoM judging by the beta. If I remember correctly, every single V2 player will have to redownload the entire game for WoM. It’s a remaster and it cuts the space down a lot. Currently the game is using something like 80GB, WoM with the extra content was using around ~50GB.

Here is a comment by Fatshark_Hans from the Vermintide subreddit as to why the game uses so much storage space.

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