Size of the game


This could very well go in technical support but it isn’t an issue per se.
When I downloaded the game a couple of years ago, it was about 40GB.
Since then, the “only” releases have been the Drachenfels maps, the GK and the Engineer, and the game is reaching 100GB of disk space.
Is there some cleanup of old files to be made ? Are there assets that aren’t compressed ? Are there optimizations that could be made ?
I know and hear the argument “just buy an external hard drive you can get 2TB for 50 bucks” or “storage is cheap” and sure, I hear you, but my 3TB disks are starting to get full and in my opinion those arguments shouldn’t condone wasting space “just because we can”.


Hm…“new” releases following the base game of 40GB include :

Bögenhafen maps x2
Ubersreik maps x 3
Fortunes of war map…ish.
Beastmen map x 1
Drachenfels map x 3
Beastmen faction
New careers x 2
Art system
Lohners shop.
Weaves&related stuff
New weapons
New cosmetics

So basegame had 13 maps, 9 careers, 2 enemy factions, majority of weapons and cosmetics and other systems like crafting and voicelines and whatnot and it was 40+ GB.

So these 10 new maps, 2 new systems, the art collection, 2 new careers, a new faction and the rest then must therefore = 60GB which includes expanded/improved base stuff.

That is a high number but it doesnt seem impossibly unreasonable either, especially not considered how large and detailed some of the new maps are. So i´d be kinda surprised if it was possible to really reduce the GB count by any significant margin…pleasantly so but surprised still.


I downloaded the game with all DLC at the time, including Bogenhafen, Ubersreik and Winds of Magic. The new content since when I downloaded the game for the first time, at 40GB, is “only” this :

  • Drachenfels map x 3
  • New careers x 2
  • Lohners shop (which game in GK update iirc).

It could be worse, the newest call of duty is well over 200+ gbs.
Lots of content has been added, could it be optimized better, maybe?
If you have 3TB’s of stuff I dont think the game is the issue.

I said it’s not an issue.
I also said it’s not a reason to be a glutton for space.

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this game is undeniably oversized for what it is

It’s also no secret that a lot of the game is/was poorly optimized


Some stuff here seems hella wrong.

It is indeed possible that you got Bögenhafen and BtU a couple years back, the later of the two came out in december 2018. But,WoM came out in late 2019? A couple of years ago? Are you sure you didnt jump in on a sale in like december 2019, got those 3, and then played a while before joining these forums in march this year?

Game was already 77GB back in march 2019 according to steampost. .

Oh but come to think off it, download size is not always the same as actual game file size, the download stuff can be compressed and “packed” and is if so it will be smaller than what it is when unpacked if i am not mistaken.

Fairly sure that weaves also make up a decent portion of the game’s size since it has so many maps that you rarely play on.

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Not to mention SIGMAR knows how much space is used for voice lines. I thought last count of voicelines was 30-35k and counting.

Also everyone has everything on their machine, just not enabled. When I got the engineer I didn’t have to download it - it was already there.

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100+ GB is alot of bytes, but I wouldnt want to download the complete game again, which is what we had to do last time, for a slimmer version, especially not if its only a decrease of 10% to 15%.

Storage, be its SSD, or HDD, is cheap, easy to install and readily available. Horrible Internet speed and data limits are much worse to deal with than some extra large games.

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That is a possibility. I don’t know why I feel pretty confident about the 40GB (my friend seemed to remember that too) ; and I just checked in steam purchase history and indeed I bought the game on November 23d, 2019. Just seemed a bit longer - probably covid, lockdown or the fact I bought V1 in 2017…

From my limited weave experience, the maps are mostly cut-off campaign maps or at least mostly reused assets.

You mean that each voiceline is 30-35KB, not that there are 30k voicelines ? (cause the latter is not true)

Oh, I thought some modder somewhere hade been through them all, including everything for all enemies and it was close to 30k in number. Anecdotal though.

Yes, but not in the sense that it would spare space. There’s is only a limited number of assets that get reused, like lanterns, boxes, horse corpses etc. (according to Fatshark, they found it lying around and started using it).

Fatshark used to compress their game files for download prior to Winds of Magic.

The game was 40GB until December 2018 when BtU released and then became 50GB total.

When Winds of Magic dropped, the game increased up to 90GB because of the hand crafted weave maps, the winds modifiers, Dark Omens, beastman, new weapons, new voicelines, new weave crafting/leaderboards, new difficulty with 2x the enemy spawns, and new challenges.

Before patch 1.6 came out there were several optimization patches and fixes and files were recompressed to save on loading screen times. The mistake that was made when WoM released was that they used an older patch prior to those changes. It reverted most of the work that FS made to fix bugs and optimize the game.

TL;DR Fatshark used to compress their game files but they don’t anymore and it doesn’t matter if you buy DLC or not, they will get downloaded on your computer as new content releases hence why the game is so large now.

I do miss the days when loading screens were really short.


Before patch 1.6 came out there were several optimization patches and fixes and files were recompressed to save on loading screen times. The mistake that was made when WoM released was that they used an older patch prior to those changes. It reverted most of the work that FS made to fix bugs and optimize the game.



So I’m not the only one who was shocked by the game size. The last time I checked it was half of its current size. Now I have pretty mixed feelings about the upcoming dlc cause I’m not sure if I have enough disk space.

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I never thought of that. Chaos Wastes might push it to stupid size. It’s becoming a monster of a game that really shouldn’t take up this much space.


As much as i agree with you, lets be real, game has all kinds of “this should not be a thing” things going on.

Even something like this silly 100+gig size is just another addition to the list x_x

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Sure it is but this can literally prevent me from playing it. I’m considering a serious file overview - just to manage enough space for the game.

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What’s really shocking is the fact that Vermintide 2 has a larger download size than the console version of ESO … a MMO game … with waaaay more content …

Vermintide 2 is pushing 100GB
Xbox ESO: 80GB

Let that sink in…