Too Much Masozi

We are not talking about the race of the characters. Read better, try again.

You arent, but you cant look at

Please hire more British voice actors as they actually fit the aesthetic of the Universe (which was invented and created by British people, even the Orcs have silly Cockney accents as they are modeled after soccer hooligans).

and not think about this

Just going to try to reduce this a bit: This game should be whites only. Does that sum it up correctly?

They want a british voice actor because it will most probably have a british accent. A british voice actor can be of any race, they just want them to be british because of their accent. Simple.

My mistake, fixed it.


You should fix it again. Accents do not belong to a race.


I have no idea if that’s a voice over, but let’s say it isn’t… so a black man can perfectly “make” an american english accent. Correct? And so accent does not belong to a race.

And so nothing racial belongs to this discussion.

You can see that it’s a commentary right?

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I don’t know if inside the inquisition things work like that but if it does, then I guess the discussion over Masozi is done.

What do you think about Hallowette? I understand that commodore is a military title but on the other hand… I don’t think she is in the military, I mean she seems very dedicated to be a smuggler selling contraband and overpriced cosmetics.

Sure thing~

Honestly my least favorite part of the game coming out of pre launch beta was them adding the other NPCs as your mission advisor. Like I only want Morrow. So the game was obviously best when it was just LEEMAN RUSS DEMOLISHA

The Tanith use “feth” the Verghasts from Vervunhive use “gak”

Could have been a rogue trader once herself and lost her “Warrant of Trade”, so she just might still be used to the power she held.

An Inquisitor’s retinue has it’s own hirarchy which is based on the trust the Inquisitor puts into his followers. Only his Interogator would be his unquestionrd 2IC.

As GW often described in the past it refers to the architectural style as a representation medival times which is an overarching factor in the imperium’s design.
But still the whole thing is designed in a way that you can put in whatever you want.
The Cadians are regiments based arround modern late 20th/ early 21st century military so completely off the medival theme, the Krieg are WW1, Catachans are Rambo-Vietnam from “Space Australia”
There are millions of worlds, most of them not described so you could add a regiment with a cultural flavour of your liking (and design the models in that theme)
I do not pretend to have read ALL the books, but many of them, and it gets quite clear the Imperium of Man has a large variety of cultural backgrounds from its different worlds and that is tolareted as long as it is not xenos-infestd/influenced and He on Terra is worshiped as a god (exceptions are Adeptus Astartes and Adeptus Mechanicus).

And just one example of an non-european based accent jumps to my mind right now (at least I get that impression from reading): the Death Cult Assassin in the “Vaults of Terra Books” (btw: these, the Eisenhorn novels, the Pariah novels and the Ravenor novels give good impressions how at least some inquisitors run their business)

I’d say GW has the Gothic-theme as an surrounding arc, but they willingly left it open enough to include more stuff, so people could feel free to buy their stuff play with it but build their own narratives represented by kit bashed minis … in real world it’s just a “more profit due to more target audience” decision.

Well I (at least) don’t. Why would that be necessary? Midas Betancore wasn’t specially British, too. He flew Eisenhorns Guncutter and after him his daughter Medea.

There is also a very famous Astra Militarum Regiment with a non-European centric background: Tallarn, they are Muslim/Arabic

Here is the Lexicanum article to Low Gothic

Edit 2:
There us actually a short story about cultural differences and language differences and their effect on warfare in the Sabbat Crusade: Gaunt’s Ghosts: The Vincula Insurgency


I think Hallowette is part of Brahm’s crew, just with a self-granted or larger-than-life title to keep the visitors/passengers in their place.

That is the most likely case I guess :slight_smile:

I don’t care what she looks like; I’m half white and half black myself, for heaven’s sake, but I don’t like her giving us orders somehow when it’s her job to get us in and out of missions.

Let Morrow be the only person we interact with once we reach level 30, as we will have climbed the rank ladder by then, and all is well!

“naval task force” we might be attached to that in some missions hence her giving us orders

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I mean, she quite literally hijacks the mission, or does some stuff “off the books”. And that’s for a single mission.

Do you even know that US isn’t the whole world? Like black people who were born in USSR just speak russian, not some specific black russian accent. And i suppose it’s the same in France or UK, or atleast for those people who weren’t segregated but integrated in the titular culture.

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I thought African, maybe Nigerian. :man_shrugging:t2:
Not patois for sure.


I like all the different accents. And I’m not sure why you can’t have a Nigerian accent and be British, but maybe that’s not what was meant.

The chatter adds a bit of fun. I like hearing the banter - but it’s not as good as in Vermintide 2 IMO.

The only time I’ve felt it particularly jarring is the vet line about the Maledictum. Just implausible he’d bring that up as casual chat while fighting for his life.

Not only architecture but fashion in any form aswell, so basically most things of what you can see across the Imperium. There is a dominant Imperium culture, like in any empire. Things like different regiments uniforms or some local traditions we know is just a minor thing in comparison to mainstream Imperium culture.

As you said the Imperium in its grand design. It has definately influence on local culture of its worlds, but even the Imperial Cult has differences in its form of worship. Language is diverse. Governmental constitution of planets has a vast variety from democratical to all-in dictatorial, as long as a planet pays its tighs and taxes and bows the knee to Him on Terra (and His Representatives) the Imperium at large does not care.

And still there is cultural differences depending on the circumstances on that specific world.

And to add up on this, most Imperial citizens never legt their Planet. Most of them are ignorant to the horrors of the galaxy they inhabit. On some planet the existance of Xenos is kept a secret just a rumor at best (like in the Warhammer 40k Crime novels).
So tu sum it up:
There just is not the only one true Imperium that is omnipresent.