Too Much Masozi

Of my last 20 games I bothered to take a count of, Masozi was voiced in 12 of them. This is way too much. The character’s voice is ridiculous, annoying, and doesn’t fit the aesthetic of the universe. This isn’t what the game needs. I’m not sure if it’s me but since the last major update I have noticed her yapping away in nearly every mission I take, I come back to the ship and she’s talking non-stop there. Please give players the option to TURN THEIR RADIOS OFF if you don’t make her character exposure actually representative of her ratio in the NPC pool. Please hire more British voice actors as they actually fit the aesthetic of the Universe (which was invented and created by British people, even the Orcs have silly Cockney accents as they are modeled after soccer hooligans).


what’s this “soccer” you are talking of? is this some kind of new-world sport? :wink:

I can understand you that you want more diversity in radio-chatter … didn’t notice the problem myself, but if you feel that way who am I to judge.

But I have to disagree that Masozi’s accent wouldn’t fit the universe.
Imganie a thousand worlds with thousands of human peoples with all their different cultures … it would be most ridiculous if there would not be language-diversity … in fact it is often mentioned in the novels that there are accents sometimes not intelligable by others … even though the speaker claims to speak Gothic.

And in real life:
I’m under the impression you may come from the USA. Even in this 370 million inhabitants country you have different languages and dialects … I worked on an international airport and the thunder storm warning broadcast was done by a southern states American … guess what: thje Brits called in one day asking for a nativ speaker to be put on the mic … ("he claimed to be native speaker as he was from USA - the Brits disagreed and told him that they would know what propper English would be because they happend to have invented it …)

So Masozi having somewhat an accent that sounds Carribean/Jamaican to my ears is very much in universe"

BUT again, if you get her to often and that is annoying to you, your claim for an radio-deactivation would be understandable …


Keep cool!
I was just joking why do you go directly to enrage mode?


Yeah… Leertaste and I call it Fußball today - so chill pilgrim!

On topic: I find diverse accents fit the universe extremely well - the empire has millions of inhabitated worlds each of which has it’s own low gothic dialect.

That said - an client option to turn off vox transmissions wouldn’t bother me as options are always welcome. Yet to me personally there are more pressing topics I’d rather see solved first.

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I kinda agree to be honest.

The problem with Masozi is that she is not the one that should give us orders in my opinion, she’s just a pilot.

Just do your job Maz; get us in and out during our missions and be quiet.


Okay…? Not sure why you had to go as far as calling him that.

I actually call it “Rundballtreten” :smiley:

Perhaps she is Rendel’s entrusted? Like Eisenhorn and Midas Betancore :wink:

But it still stands:

Everyone knows it’s called foot-to-ball.

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Or african, but her accent is too thick, character sounds like someone who has been learning low-gothic only for 3 days.

And even that can be in a galaxy wide empire, can it not.
There definately are different languages on different worlds mentioned in the novels (meaning either variations of Gothic or even completely other languages).
Gothic is the common language.
High Gothic the language of scribes and scholars.
And than there are Binary and … forgot what the other Ad-Mech language is called …

And isn’t it funny how every world comes up with a different word for the F-word im Gothic?

Surprised by this tbh. I always find her entertaining and prefer her over morrow and zola.

No idea why accents are giving you that much of a meltdown either, unless it’s super grating (like the crazy psyker) I cant see why it’s that big of a deal.


Not sure it’s a smart idea to put her as a pilot then, lol.

I mean there are different cultures still, but Masozi’s accent is just phonetically unpleasant (subjective thing), dunno, maybe voice-actress was pushing too hard so it doesn’t sound natural imo.

Yeah, bri’ish

Yeah, latin.

Eh, they don’t? Everyone use frag/fraggin’ or karkin’ in the novels, as i remember :thinking:

I also don’t like voice of premium shop merchant girl, she sounds like trying to speak while yawning.

Oh and female Loner psyker is probably the worst voice, jeez i can hear it in my head (ptsd? warp?)

If my complaint was about ‘diverse accents’ I would be complaining about the Scottish, Cockney, Londoner, Yorkshire, Germanic, etc. accents already in the game. My complaint is predominantly about Masozi simply being annoying and not voiced well. The Male Savant (psyker) is West African and the voice acting is actually good.

I asked for them to hire more British voice actors because the Imperium, which is overwhelmingly modeled after British, Germanic, and a general Euro-centric theme (the standard language as you mentioned is quite literally called GOTHIC which means of or relating to the Goths or to ecclesiastical architecture originating in central Europe), the developers have a duty to preserve the aesthetic of the fantasy world which lets be clear, they didn’t create. They are license hijacking to make a game out of it.

You can bring up Vostroya or Mundus Planus planets, the first is Russian and the Second is Mongolian themed, or the Space Sharks (Polynesian), as examples of non-North/Central Europeans in the Imperium. The ironic thing is they have NO representation in Fatshark’s world :smiley: . Instead, Fatshark has elected to insert an accent from a culture which quite frankly, can’t be found or mentioned anywhere in the Warhammer 40k Universe. And it would have been more passable had they just chosen a better voice actress. The only examples (and it will be a reach) you’ll be able to give me of an African themed planet in the setting is a ‘feral world’ which you are free to do.

The fact of the matter is our dropship pilot needs to be British sounding and we all know it. I’m not even British. I play Warhammer because its Warhammer. If you want a globalist utopia where every race and culture of planet Earth is represented, go invent your own fantasy setting.

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Bodyguard ogryn sounds slavic/russian.

Actually you’re right! At least its still in the European sphere.

she sounds like she studied gothic for 3 years? ok done
she’s a pilot from a recently integrated planet, she learned quickly and while it wasn’t a space faring planet she was quite the ace of the aeronautic, and since grendyl just lost a couple skilled pilots he recruited her and a couple others for training…

as for being phoneticlly unpleasant and wanting less vox from her sure anything that give me more hadron

She also has the rank of lieutenant, so you know. She can recieve a mission to oversee the mission given to you, the player. That’s kind of how military structure works.
I’m more suprised we can get Morrow to oversee our missions personally. But hey, maybe the mission is so important he decided to look after it himself, you know. Then again, if it is so important, why only send a single strike team of rejects?

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I completely agree with the OP. I would have preferred a greater focus on maintaining the aesthetic of 40k, rather than adding a colourful variety of mission handlers.

But whats done is done. Best we can hope for is the option to mute pointless vox chatter.

I agree with op, I don’t know why a darn pilot is giving us orders. Making a few comments here and there? sure, but giving orders during a mission? Nope!

Same for Hallowette honestly. I find it immersion breaking.


Just going to try to reduce this a bit: This game should be whites only. Does that sum it up correctly?