Today's update

For god’s SAKE fatshark just don’t “suggest” them to get out of the game if you can’t update. Shut the servers down or otherwisae FORCE THEM OUT! What a damn mess, they deploy patch but then say it’s not live because people don’t log out of the game to update? Then just force them out so you can!


I’m a little confused, myself. Most MMOs just shutdown servers, update the game, and restart. What’s the issue here?


There is no issue. If they need to take servers down for a short bit to deploy the patch that is perfectly reasonable. The few people who are still in the game are either trolling or afk camping the store so they can get their perfect weapons anyways. Since they can’t get into new games or anything because they turned off lobby creating and such for un-updated games.

it has been so long at this point that I am starting to think they are rushing to actually make the weapons and modifier work in game. that’s the only way I could possibly imagine it taking this long. the way it was described by Hedge is that new lobbies would not be able to be opened on the old build and so it should have been 1 hour maximum. hours later we have nothing and no word from CMs about it either. there’s no explanation other than that honestly.

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At this point I can’t help but feel like they’re just lying about the “We don’t wanna boot people from the game and shut our servers down” thing. They probably couldn’t even manage to get the patch ready in time and so they’re just making excuses up to buy time. It fits in with how they’ve been handling everything else.

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Steam for me logged one big update hours ago when basically everyone else got it and not a bunch of little packets so considering I’m playing with the patch changes now, I’m pretty sure the patch was just a patch like they said and not… whatever weird conspiracy theory this is, whatever floats your boat though I guess.

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you have the new maps weapons and balance changes?

lol saying that a game dev lied is a conspiracy theory now I guess. I got the update and a lot of what they said they added was missing. When only like half of the patch is in-game it starts to look like they just lied about what’s in the patch. Beneath the intense smarm all you just said was “The patch is a patch” which doesn’t really mean anything.

No, saying theyre still finishing the patch and pushing bits and pieces gradually when the data is all there is very much a theory with evidence to the contrary… call it a conspiracy or another ‘what if’ to get mad about or whatever makes you happy.

As far as i can tell the performance changes are tangiable, crafting system extension is there, weapon tweaks and changes are there and ive seen other people talking about weapons but RNG being what it is idk if they or the maps are in rotation yet. But considering they said the stuff would phase in and its phased in? Yeah not feeling lied to.

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My framerate is now worse since this update. It gets worse every time.

They said it would phase in in a couple hours at most and it’s been like 5 lol. The biggest parts of the update are still somehow not in and given fatshark’s recent habit of missing goals by a huge margin and then making some random excuse for it yeah no it wouldnt be surprising if this is just another excuse for them not having things in working order. Btw I never said that it wasn’t “in” the game files or not, I’m saying their excuse for the content not being in the actual game and playable sounds made up. Two weapons, a map, and even something as simple as a currency bundle are still not actively in the game. Continue to “not feel lied to” if you want it really is irrelevant to me.

How’s the thunder hammer buff…

oh wait…

That didn’t get included.

I joke. In all seriousness while I don’t think they lied I do think they are incompetent at this point and I really don’t understand why they just don’t kick people and apply the update to the servers just seems insane to me.