So The map also got delayed

At least according to the darktide coms bot on discord… I don’t even know what to say anymore lol.


What does the bot say?

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This company is just a shitshow at this point


Yeah man. I’ve seen you pushing back on some of the more extreme rhetoric on here too so for you to say that means something to me lol.

I wanted to love this game so bad and this company just won’t let me.


there has to be a coder in their midst who actively sabotages them from within last minute,
i can’t think of anything else, how they consistently manage to patch but have features missing they thought that were ready…


Something has to be fundamentally broken in the office for the breakdown in communication to be this bad.

Like we lost half the “content” in this update overnight lol.


If they knew the patch didnt contain what it should have then no matter how they told us people would be furious, my head canon is it wasnt intentional.

Not that I’m intending to excuse the behaviour, but its pretty on par with the launch so far.

Then don’t tell us, it’s that easy lol.

And I don’t mean, don’t tell us it isn’t there, don’t tell us it will be there in the first place, there’s massive miscommunication happening since release.

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They probably wouldnt have known until it was too late, the day delay was most likely to get the new map working.

So they could either scrap half the update at the last second or go silent, people would be upset either way.

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It would be confusing for players to have new weapons and new maps that are set in existing maps. Someone’s definitely getting a peepee slap/they’re going to spit out a hotfix before the weekend for the Aquilas mix up, guaranteed. This like most other content they can’t milk post launch is whatever to them.

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Business as usual if we go by the track record.

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I’m not sure how this tracks man…

If they didn’t tell us to expect a map and three conditions I wouldn’t be upset when I get no map and 1 condition

Would you not prefer the one that’s communicative and not radio silence until 4 hours post patch deployment? lol

Fatshark clearly has many issues and terrible communication ain’t helping.

Repeatedly failing to deliver on promised content, failing to forecast one day ahead and rubbish excuses are the most discouraging part of following the game.

The dishonesty hurts. This upsets me more than anything.

No one believes this. Not the players, not the CMs, not the devs, not the shareholders.
Saying the game was complete at launch was also insulting.

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They clearly thought they would have it ready in time, it was clearly not ready in time. Obviously it would have been better if they hadnt announced it all together but in the circumstance they ended up in, patch is meant to go live and half of it isnt there, what should they have done to avoid pissing you off?


It was already a f*ck-up, so there was nothing to be done.

But this wasn’t a post about “You should have handled this this way” it was a post about “This sh*t shouldn’t have happened at all”

Clients are going to be angry whether you try to explain your f*ck-up one way or another, yes.


Fatshark has zero incentive to push out anything of value to us now. They are making the money Tencent promised them and that is that. Don’t hold your breath folks, this is it. The quality and care will never be anything more.


Ive worked at some complete messes of small production businesses and I guess I just feel for sorry for everyone right now, Fatshark included to a small degree, they dont want this either.

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The map wasn’t ready. The thunderhammer wasn’t ready. Apparently that assault mode wasn’t ready either. All announced - some stealth edited out of the post.

I’m just so tired man.