So about that big content drop that was supposed to happen in MAY?

Cutting it pretty fine, aren’t we?

Like honestly, since the game is taking so many shortcuts and re-using so many assets, how can crap be running this behind if the team isn’t even making brand new stuff?The new map is highly speculated to just be a patch work of already existing maps ran in reverse. SoOOOOoOO, what’s the excuse, honestly?

They also said next edition would be may 18 of the comms link. Need I even look to see if its out there? lol


Boltgun dropped today and it’s fun. Try that until some new content comes.


I’m just here to add to the company’s public heat, since they took us all for suckers and are so happy to not only turn out lackluster content, but do it way behind schedule. If they aren’t making a bunch of new assets or adding new classes I honestly can’t fathom the delay. Unless this patch drops with a metric crap ton of optimizing.

But thanks for the suggestion. Been playing TADO lately.



They said a few days ago that we should expect the next announcement on the 25th.

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How generous of them. Also thanks for letting me know they said something.

Update is probably dropping on the 25th to coincide with the Skulls event on Steam. Bad news about that is it seems like the May patch was probably intended to be released earlier but was pushed because they had nothing else planned for DT during the event.

I expect it will be an underwhelming content drop, again.


They forgot to mention they blatantly lied to everyone, saying they couldn’t post a thread on the forums for a week because of “technical difficulties.”


Don’t forget complications from the yearly holiday that they had just no way of anticipating.


Remember, remember, the crafting rollout in December.


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