Anyone have any Hopium for the May Patch

I ran out.


Has there been a promise that this is going to be a big one somewhere? I was just expecting the standard balance tweaks and bugfixes.

Something something content drop with at least a new mission.

I’d expect a new map and bug fixes. If it comes with balance changes I’ll be happy (depending on what they are).

My expectations are pretty basic.

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Oh, right, I remember reading that.

Well there’ll be the new map, which is definitely something.

I wouldn’t expect any big changes to any game systems.

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Maybe they’ll learn something and re-jig the mission screen to have the new map appear more often, because it was certainly an experience to not be able to play Comms-plex for several days because it didn’t appear during the times I played. That’s also another thing that killed streamer interest in the game too.


I hope like 3% of the things that get ‘acknowledged’ tags get fixed, and that they don’t end up breaking something extremely obvious like the shader cache again. If I don’t see that stamina block from curios I might just wait until gunlugger.

I guess this is my fault, I conflated “sizable” and “content drop” together, alongside a healthy dose of hope. Once again it wouldn’t be that big of a concern if I wasn’t worried the summer break would leave this game dead in the water.


I’ve pretty much wound down my play time to almost zero recently honestly. TotK releasing kinda sealed that deal. I’m just keeping an eye out to see if they manage to put anything out that draws me back but hopes are pretty low.

That last batch of penance cosmetics managed to be so much worse than my already middling expectations it’s kinda shocking. Their refusal to even make a statement about how much dissatisfaction there is with the crafting system they apparently redesigned several times before releasing is a little surreal. There aren’t even any people left defending them in the update or comm link posts which is probably the most striking indicator I’ve seen that everyone is just exhausted at this point.


I have three hope about it:

short term I’m only hoping for at least two more missions and maybe a new game mode/three new event modificator.

mid term this will probably be the last comlink before warhammer skull week and I’m hoping they announce some kind of basic event for the game.

long terme: as other have pointed may and june are often the time to plane thing before the summer break so I think they will talk about the state of the game, paid cosmetic being back now that we have actual free one to get and maybe a teaser of the next subclass.

So yeah, a lot of hope and ready to be disappointed. (but not foolish enougth to expect them to break the lock)

I run on ‘it is what it is’. Yes, the crafting system and the lack of basic features like shared resources and gear prevents me from trying new builds or leveling the last class, but gameplay-wise, I’m having fun. But I’m a relatively new player with only 250h of playtime. If the patch is good, I’ll probably play more actively, otherwise, there are other games to play. Like Darkest Dungeon 2, or Diablo 4.


Basically just 1 Mission/map

Then it’s the “C”, which I think might be the Chaos Spawn. Other than that I hope it’s the announcement of the more regular content drop in the coming months


Their patches doesn’t look like a work of a lot of people. Basically bug fixes, balance tweaks and small features aren’t require big team to do. New content, well, it’s independent mostly and ok to see. Idk what they are actually doing, mb refactoring code and such stuff to make some big changes to core systems of the game in some future. But i have zero hopes really.

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Depends on how you see the patch what you demand of it.
Will the game get better? → Yes
Will the patch the end all be all of patches? → No
Will the patch be one in a series of patches leading to a great Darktide? → Yes
Should you place your judgement of the entire game on one singular patch? → Also no

I have zero hope I suppose if we expect nothing then its hard to be disappointed I jut want the character customization options everyone looks the same with the same cosmetics its real boring and I don’t want micro transactions cosmetics

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My hope is that they will not break something that’s already (kinda) working.


Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.


Pretty much this.

My expectation for something exciting is basically zero. I’m leaving myself room to be pleasantly surprised.

What would I love?

Reduce resource silo’ing
Better mission selection system
“New” map with its own set of missions
New boss (eg spawn)
Additional sub-class (I fully expect these to be paid DLC)
Usual assortment of balance and bug fixing

I don’t expect any of that, except for a bit of the last point and the previously mentioned new mission in the throne side map.


Please elucidate this for me.

Ran out of hopium long ago, the future I see is a patch that gives us one map thats a reverse route through throneside or something, bug fixes, MAYBE the chaos spawn will be re-added from V2 as a new random boss, and then I suspect we’ll see radio silence until the last week of July as Fatshark all goes on Holidays for summer break.