Todays experience after the mini download

  1. Bardins 2h hammer not following with 2nd heavy attack eventhou holding lmb goes straight to
    light attack

  2. Single enemy sudenly appears behind when fighting incoming horde on a high ground and no
    there were no stragglers behind, also no sound que that somebody is behind attacking

  3. Holsehers tower mid game join causes missing textures, happened to me where whole section
    before portal was missing, other time players joining in were missing stairs

  • also disconnect is kinda persistent even after disabling mods and by now i dont think its on my end since vermintide is the only game where im experiencing it
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This has been happening for some time, but I feel like it’s been better since CW came out.

FS is aware of that, as stated in the latest patch notes :slight_smile:

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