The ground is missing

Was playing around in Chaos Wastes (Horsepts Tower or whatever it was called), and suddenly the ground was missing.
Literally missing. My friend could see and walk on it just fine, but I couldn’t even take a step and had to die and wait for him to complete the map.

Yup, that happened to our team with one of those ‘flying’ flight of stone stairs (they were going up).
I was hosting, could climb them with no problem ; our engineer could climb them with no problem, but our Kruber couldn’t see them and would walk through them and get ledged.

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Had it happen 2 times so far, both times I was late joining Holsher’s Tower map in progress, different variations of it. I believe that’s pattern to replicate issue. Stairs were partially rendered, there was no collision whatsoever, I just had to kill myself. Unfortunately from that point on nothing was loaded in properly so as soon as I got picked up I had to suicide again.

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