CW missing stairs

There were 2 maps missing some stairs. Other players could walk the stairs but for me even the collisions were missing.
Unfortunately I don’t know the name of the first one, it was a ruined library with spiral staircases upwards. Other times on this map I saw the steps and walked them.

The second one was the final steps to the eternity last fight.
Interestingly when I jumped on the nonexisting steps my hero fell and was hanging from the invisible steps.
I verified my files of course, nothing is missing.

Holseher’s Tower. It is a known issue by now.

Waiting for hotfix. Not necessarily game breaking but pretty annoying.

Holsher’s Tower - Vermintide 2 / Vermintide 2 - Bugs - Fatshark Forums (
The ground is missing - Vermintide 2 / Vermintide 2 - Bugs - Fatshark Forums (

I think there is one with a screenshot somewhere as well. So yea, it should get fixed.

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