1.0.8 quick feedback

  1. Stormvermin patrols are silent (im sure its already reported)
  2. Shade screen smoke still up after using purple poti and using ult multiple times in succession, while the previous is still active, occasionally still blinding the player with full darkness
  3. Horde music still loops, even tho theres no horde anymore
  4. Shade still gets hit by chained attacks/attack sequences in stealth, the gunrat also still targeted me
  5. Crossbow (shade and BH repeater both) still locks you in reload animation, making you unable to swapblock
  6. training dummy not showing damage if you look up slightly while hitting it (probably already reported)
  7. also this… im not sure if this is intended, but this is BS (at medium settings and 2.2 gamma, the cart barely had any light…)
    if you cant see or tag anything make the enemies unable to do so too, or fix the lighting
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On your point 3:
As long as one mob from a horde is alive the game thinks the horde is still active and plays the horde-theme. It might be some strays hid somewhere or are stuck.
Anyway, this does not make it less a bug.

I was hoping that this line from patchnotes meant that they finally fixed it (Fixed an issue where sound effects from aggroed enemies could persist even though the enemy was dead or far away.), but i guess its not…
I guess listening to horde drums or whatever for freaking 20 minutes is not nerve vrecking for FS… Not to mention special sounds tend to not play after that point which also makes me think about leaving the game, but in bird culture thats considered a d.ck move, so up until now i havent done it.

I have to admit: I never had this problem but I feel with you.
If you play the Ussingen Level a few metres after the start point the battle music starts until you breached through the gate. Once someone had to go afk (doorbell rang) and we waited. Two minutes of idling and listening to that battlemusic was so annoying.

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