Today's bugs/glitches/WTF moments from first 4 matches

Respawning miles away and missing half the level.
“Cosmoblock” (Block up, more than 4 shields, zero effect but the thud of a stab right through even from clan rat) still a huge issue.
100% HP drop to weakest enemies’ silent butt spawned backstabs.
CW’s ice skating.
Magic executioners.
Beastmen climbing invisible stairs on approach, enough to avoid your hit but falling back down to finish their attack animation through your block.
SV’s spawning inside of one another meaning you die no matter because one overhead kills instant and you can’t block that secret one within.
Random disconnects (not on my end, monitored net usage through matches after first two disconnects, but I did see others reporting random disconnects)
Hookrats coming out of the walls.
Damage inconsistency.
Single enemies spawning behind enemies (another old one but used to only happen with clanrats, now though even elites.)
Sounds inconsistent- backstab audio fails bad enough, but LOUD hookrats when they’re a mile away drowning out the enemy that came out of the rock next to you mid swing.
Beasts infinite reach with their bandying during lunge animations and being able to accomplish right angles.
100+ ping just feels like 500 for random intervals.
Hosting knocks some of these issues, but not cosmoblock or the insane spawns.
Once you get one glitch, it just builds again until quitting.
Off revalidating files again.
Hope there’s news or something of a patch soon.

Dwarf was able to clip through and push me off a ladder in Garden of morr (sent me flying like when an assassin pounces)

After Revalidating the game again… first one in-
cosmoblock, pile of ball of enemies… and eternal red outlines.

Also, sound cues for bosses are way off.
“Roger roar” … “Must be a storm fiend!” … Insert spawn.

Another new one… Trueflight volley targets Kruber! xD
This happened 12 times today already- fire trueshot in complete opposite direction of players and somehow “Stop shooting me Kerillian!” from the next room lol.


The hits through a block with full stamina are the worst

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Ok, today’s matches had the above… with this insane hookrat issue-
It double spawned, was killed, then Sienna here was running off down the path with a red highlight. Rest of us were like “wtf?” - Then suddenly she shot backward to the start of the path into an invisible noose. and was strung up… by a ghost hook who giggled from within the rocks.

The last one with Sienna must have been really fun. :smiley:

Okay, crapping out an exe is one thing… but picking up this tome (as host) and having AN ENTIRE PATROL ball out of a tree IN, Around, and on top of you is just merciless! HAHAHA
That’s on top of the 27 (counted) magic exes in the last day. Getting rough. This was “ah I’ll see how cata plays right NAAAAAAGH!”

Hookrats stagger animation pulls, but they still hook in the same second even if staggered and dodged- as host and not.

“Smiter” not affecting executioners or berzerker classes.

Enemies appearing and disappearing really close to unseparated players.

A lot of these are not quite so new, but these things can worsen with desyncs and connection issues since the game behaves in odd ways when that happens.

The “Smiter” talent might be pretty overrated. I usually use 7.5% power if I can hit some useful melee/ranged breakpoints; if not, then with low-damage/high-stagger weapons, on difficulties Legend or Cataclysm, it’s often useful to be able to hit a 60% damage bonus against hordes and multiple elites since. I don’t know exactly how Smiter works, but that guaranteed first-hit stagger seems to have a cooldown or something.

I kinda despise how enemies are so averse to collision with one-another resulting in getting unavoidably hit if you can’t get them to spread out fast enough by kiting. I’ve just learned to try hard to stagger every elite (and everything else) in a crowd before striking, and if I can’t do that, that’s when I take the Smiter talent and do my best to avoid getting close to elites stacking like a deck of cards, spreading them by kiting and trying to pick them off. Still, it’s easy to get tricked sometimes and think you’re facing one elite when it’s actually 3 of them inside eachother.

Picking up items, tomes and other stuff often causes significant lag. I’ve also noticed using the chat and typing causes it to spike. This might explain the sudden lag spikes.

Lately, I’ve been playing once a day until I get disconnected which is usually within 30 minutes or less; almost always during the first match.

First match today… and THIS is what ye deal with… 5… FIVE storm sorcerers spawning in THIS spot… multiple storms barely able to fit in the map, disturbing a patrol and making it so the team is trapped in an eternally spinning vortex until death… no way out because storms within storms within storms…
No mods, no level modifiers, nothing… this was the vanilla experience on legend.

3 Random disconnects today so far too.

Everything’s white because the stormfiend does a Rogre 180 while flaming and blinds you… other than outlines.
Oh and that outline in the white is Salty getting the “not suck” from a non existent leech. This one was solo running cata at the 2nd grim barn. Storm sorcerers multispawned here at this moment too and set giant circles rolling that didn’t dissipate. A horde triggered one after the other and seemingly never ended, with enemies spawning in balls from the hay bails. And Berzerkers- can they please get a nerf so they at least can’t defy physics and fly in right angles and around corners while swinging? And monks and SVs multispawning on the same spot was happening a lot. Basically the area at the barns with the boss just went bananas with ball spawns and swingers and breakdancing assassins.

Pressing “target” having no effect as well as Thorn Staff not targeting enemy repeatedly.

Sister’s ult “clap bug” still going on randomly.

Chaos Spawns hitting through walls.

SVs skating round corners.

All bosses now do 180 Roger mid animation- which as you can see from SF above pictured blindess, isn’t fun.

Menu instability, broken joins, DCs…

Just got DCd randomly from ANOTHER match¬!¬!

I’ve been filling in this report for days now… keep it here and keep just adding every 4 matches.
I get FS is all about the Darktide right now, it got huge promo value etc… but can the community get SOME word on the next patch or something about our fav game?

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