Today's bugs/glitches/WTF moments from first 4 matches

Respawning miles away and missing half the level.
“Cosmoblock” (Block up, more than 4 shields, zero effect but the thud of a stab right through even from clan rat) still a huge issue.
100% HP drop to weakest enemies’ silent butt spawned backstabs.
CW’s ice skating.
Magic executioners.
Beastmen climbing invisible stairs on approach, enough to avoid your hit but falling back down to finish their attack animation through your block.
SV’s spawning inside of one another meaning you die no matter because one overhead kills instant and you can’t block that secret one within.
Random disconnects (not on my end, monitored net usage through matches after first two disconnects, but I did see others reporting random disconnects)
Hookrats coming out of the walls.
Damage inconsistency.
Single enemies spawning behind enemies (another old one but used to only happen with clanrats, now though even elites.)
Sounds inconsistent- backstab audio fails bad enough, but LOUD hookrats when they’re a mile away drowning out the enemy that came out of the rock next to you mid swing.
Beasts infinite reach with their bandying during lunge animations and being able to accomplish right angles.
100+ ping just feels like 500 for random intervals.
Hosting knocks some of these issues, but not cosmoblock or the insane spawns.
Once you get one glitch, it just builds again until quitting.
Off revalidating files again.
Hope there’s news or something of a patch soon.

Dwarf was able to clip through and push me off a ladder in Garden of morr (sent me flying like when an assassin pounces)

After Revalidating the game again… first one in-
cosmoblock, pile of ball of enemies… and eternal red outlines.

Also, sound cues for bosses are way off.
“Roger roar” … “Must be a storm fiend!” … Insert spawn.

Another new one… Trueflight volley targets Kruber! xD
This happened 12 times today already- fire trueshot in complete opposite direction of players and somehow “Stop shooting me Kerillian!” from the next room lol.

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The hits through a block with full stamina are the worst