List of glitches and bugs 17/3 patch

Preface: I main Elf and Witch. Here’s the issues I’ve encountered since this week’s patches…

Elf getting one shot killed by even clanrats- Phantom hits are back with her especially. Getting randomly downed from full health off minor attacks… or a blade of grass that was too sharp?

Thorn Staff red aura for targeting not triggering!!!
Enemies spawning out of player’s bums again!!!

Backstab audio failing

Shots not hitting - Javelins flying through enemies like ghosts and thorn waves occasionally hitting with zero damage or stagger.

Eternal Patrol spawning in Old Haunts at the church, even when outside. Just CW and monk waves never ending.

Special bug spawn back again- just got murdered by TEN gun rats!!! TEEENNN!!! WTF!!! I know it’s cata, but killing one only to have his mate INSIDE him seek revenge… they’re rats not russian dolls! And those gunners were accompanies by legions of hooks, assassins etc… like specials have been made to overspawn and break the game. This results in backstab audio failure too as there’s too many sound cues happening maybe? Spawning more than four immobilizers at once seems redundant.

Gas Rats are on rapid fire again- they’re not even finishing one throw animation before they’re mecha launching gas balls all over.

Thornwake doing NOTHING half the times it’s cast, not even a lame stagger.

Specials getting random bouts of Godmode - Had one hookrat who took one of Grailknight’s ults to the face while it was held by thorn staff… didn’t die. Gunners taking 5-7 continual assaults to the face with the thorn staff and not even staggering. Gunrats taking a pummelling from all characters in a comedic cartoonish show, only to have them open fire with three javelins in the face and BH opening fire on them from any angle. And Gas rats… why are they tough? Had GK with a bret sword and pyro launching multiple fireballs into one just watching it stagger dance- like it got godmode when it was doing a suicide run.

To repeat these just play the new update as Elf.

Ps Still addicted and loving the new shade. Would change Blur perk though- just flukey and unnoticeable. A simple 5% movement or attack speed or something more useful would be better.

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Rage quit after block was ignored 13 times in the first 5 mins of a match. Fix block to block again.

Elf Draining health for no reason… like cutting herself on the scenery perhaps? Just had match end after NOTHING drained my health from 50+ to 1 whilst walking around.

Bugs making it hard to enjoy these changes…

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I thought it was just every 3rd or 2nd javelin that was a ghost but I just had a match end because EVERY shot from the Elf’s crossbow was just clipping through enemies. Nothing hitting directly in front of the face. That coupled with the match before when launching 12 ghost javelins into a gunner that could see me whilst in infiltrate mode and follow me in a nice circle. Same happening with the thorn staff’s waves, half of them in the same spot just flying through the enemy. I’m only noticing this weird ghost weaponing as shade and SotT- played unchained and pyro and WH with no character based problem. anyone else feel free to mention if it’s happening with other classes.

Also backstab audio is failing almost all the time now, sometimes just drowned out by the multitudes of specials spawning like modded realm triggers all over the place.

Hope you guys can figure what the smeg is going on. Including my last 2 console logs in case it can shed some light.
console-2022-03-21-12.13.16-ae88de1f-53b8-45d7-84a1-eca7df1f677e.log (1.3 MB)
console-2022-03-20-23.16.09-569d2a58-e51c-46f4-a864-e1454b69a505.log (1.6 MB)

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