Game increasingly unstable- worse today. Testing things or something wrong?

Dunno if the FS crew are just testing things over there, but the game has been getting worse by the day. We had 4 magic maulers crapped out by salty today in the first 2 minutes… that issue progressed through 12 matches. Monk packs multiplying on the spot. Assassins bouncing around doing neo impressions, cosmetic only block functions, dying to twigs on the floor, hordes and patrols spawning on our heads, elf’s staff picking up targets not highlighted and leaving the one highlighted in red running at you still, and hookrats now upgraded with batman’s gear… seriously we just lost Dark omens to a rat-merang dragging poor Saltz half way THROUGH the map behind… continuing to walk off leaving him in front of us but unable to shoot the now out of map hook sauntering into the distance or save him… not even a trueflight shot could get him.
And this is just this morning so far lol.
The “oh great through block” / “nice triple silent backstab from the empty room” is getting worse- today insanely so. And the beastmen are fully back to their 1.0 lunacy of ball spawning meat walls inside players and rocks.
Essentially this is in Legend and Cata in the normal game. Haven’t been into the wastes or weaves today.
Is there some testing going on, or some explanation?

No changes on our end, and no recent updates to the Steam client, so I’m not sure what could’ve happened here!

Does the same person usually host?

This is on different hosts and with random groups on QPs. Happens a lot more to me when I’m not host. I’m not alone, plenty of players are just sighing it off. Especially the magic swingers xD I think they’re a meme on Min’s channel now. If game logs or anything could help I’ll fish em out. But I’ve been asking folks their specs to compare, these issues have been affecting folk on AMD and Nvidia. Some have no issues. But can’t narrow down as to what. For instance my Wife has an AMD system and I’m Nvidia to start. When this patch released it was so unstable for her she uninstalled and hasn’t played in months. I’ve been ploughing on (cos even with this soddery, VT is amazing) but the last couple days it seems to be getting more frequent. Had 2 matches this morning with several magic swingers and boundary breaking hooky boys. Fu posted a vid of poor Bardin going diggy hole into oblivion lol. I wondered if you guys were prepping, fenagling, tinkering etc. with some things. If not, I dunno. I know a linux player who doesn’t see much of the bugs besides the occasional cosmo block or weapon switch glitch. However he only plays up to Legend. I don’t see mucha this in Champion, but Legend frequently but still fun, while Cata for us has been just too unstable to enjoy. Been sticking to Leg. I don’t use any mods for this anymore, not even QoL ones, vanilla setup so every update patch is as intended.

Recent example of oddities- Just played one match…
Our dwarf here just finely dodged an assassin and a hookrat and killed them… and fought the army of beasts which came out of a rock and killed me and Krubes. Two more hooks decided to appear in his face. He tried to dodge but one had that right angle covered from inside the others’ hitbox. From 3rd person I watched him get double dragged by the blue one ice skating off. Salty got dragged first then Bards. They didn’t even move their legs! We’re just moonwalking down the hill and through the wall here lol.

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