To Everyone Who Struggles With Enchanter's Lair Challenges

For Unsafe Work Environment you are supposed to not kill anything during the end event. You also have to avoid pushing to get the challenge.

For Thar She Blows! , avoid all eruptions on the ground and avoid any knockbacks (Nurgloth scythe during final phase).

The challenges descriptions do not describe the criteria that needs to be fulfilled, which means these challenges could be bugged. We’ll see what Fatshark says about it.

Challenges completed screenshot

Hope it helps! GLHF :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is a HF part in any of this.

Ok so :

  • Thar She Blows! You can get hit by the scythe (confirmed working yesterday). But the eruption seems to count you in even if you’re mid air and not specially over it.
  • Unsafe Work Environment. It’s not only pushing, it’s also stagerring by any effect (so Bardin beware of your passive if you have the stagger talent on it).

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