Thar she blows! challenge bugged

Hello there, tried in recruit 5 times, it seems the challenge doesn’t unlock. We did have a bumped player each time, and sometimes in the roof, but not in any eruption.

I’ve gotten the challenge after several tries earlier. None of us got booped by anything though fwiw, and the yellow text did pop up after we downed him while he was laying on the floor

Also did it on recruit as a 3 man since we couldn’t find another person (had our teammate spawn in as the bot and suicide early in the map bc the bot has a hard time avoiding eruptions)

Looks like any lord knockback messes it up. Succeeded by not getting knocked back by anything at all.

That makes a lot of sense. It took us around 7-10 attempts and on the final attempt where we succeeded, we all grouped up really hard and didn’t get knocked back by anything at all

Ok so it seems the knockback is not the cause. Completed it while being knockback but we killed him right before the eruption when the guy was mid air.
So the combo mid air + eruption could consider you wrongly in an eruption.

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