Is it only I think that "Bastion of Valour" challenge is likely impossible?

I don’t know what will others would think. But, I think this challenge is way too hard too me. Wish it was just like the other DLC weapons; just kill bunch of enemies.

I did do this in like the 2nd try I think, so it’s probably a bit too obscure, or you do something wrong.

Alright, I will try this on recruit or veteran difficulty then. I hope getting smashed is not count as a hit or something.

Not if you blocked it

Oh, good. Thank you for info.

(depends on what you called smash, if you speak about the rat ogre throwing you while you block it doesnt count as a hit, if you speak about the unblockable hit, well, it’s a hit =p)

Oh, well…

The easiest way is war camp on recruit. The lord at the end of the map counts for it. Just hold your heavy charge and block his attacks, then use the double hit ult to one hit kill him.

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I like that it does not follow the formula “kill all lords with weapon” and goes more into the direction of rewarding skillful play. That said, the requirements are a tad bit random and arbitrary. It does force you to get used to the bretswords new mechanic, which is nice, but it does so in a way were you probably wouldn’t want to rely on it if your goal was not go get hit. It was, so I entertain, bugged for me, as I verifiably fulfilled all requirements multiple times and it didn’t register, but I kept trying and then it worked. It is, however, very true that the majority of times I see people with bretsword, they do not have the illusion. So it keeps the skin exlusive, for what it’s worth.

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Try doing Dark Omens on recruit dificulty. All of the Minotaurs attacks (except the headbutts and charge) are blockable. You can hold the heavy attack and riposte (block with the heavy attack animation) all of the Minotaurs attacks then dodge back and finish him righteoussly with the Audacity of Agilgar.

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Thank you all. I’m still not sure how did it happened, but I just blocked many times with that heavies block activation or something, and kill the boss without hurting, and it was done.

Again, thanks to you all.