Sweet Science - more like sweet misery

How the hell do you get this challenge done.
Tried with bots on Empire in Flames. Between the damn bots killing the cws and CWs not doing the damn attack, I rage quit. CW punches me, I punch back. Nothing.
What is the actual timing ? Half a second ? That is insane. Why the f*** is the most fun challenge on paper such a damn chore to do ?

FYI also using the special attack punch, not the push attack punch.
And f*** I still have to do Old Fashioned Learning after this too. Ugh.

Just gotta make sure you don’t block his punch, I got this on Horn of Magnus seemingly randomly after furiously trying for days. Just take punch, don’t block, special attack, repeat. Eventually you’ll get it, I’ll be honest it is ridiculously difficult, probably too much so, for how simple it seems at first sight to get. If it helps strip ur bots of weapons and traits to help. Fortunes of War also has plenty of CWs.

I did this challenge months ago, so forgive me if my memory is faulty. If i recall correctly, to complete the challenge you need to use the SPECIAL punch attack, which is mapped to the special attack button (M3 or M4 by default?), NOT the punch that is part of the push-attack mechanic.

Look in the Options menu to see which button your special attack is mapped to and use that

Also, Empire In Flames has 2 guaranteed Chaos Warriors at the beginning, so just run that until the ‘challenge complete’ message pops up in the chat window.

Did you not read anything I said ?

I tried everything suggested BEFORE coming here and complaining.
It’s something to do with the timing.
I gotta be against the wall or something so the time to hit the CW back is less than a second.
Or something. There’s no damn video of it happening as well, so I could look it up.

I want some actual new info about this, so I wouldn’t have to grind it out. It’s ridiculous how much time I’d have to spend to get it otherwise. Already did it 10 times on Empire in Flames. I DID punch him back, did not block, not the push attack punch but the special punch. Nothing.

Well. I did it.

Happened on Convocation of Decay of all maps. Just a random CW punched me. I punched back.
Mind you a second later, so I don’t know wtf the problem was before.

The lucky part was that the other 3 players were a bit on side fighting other enemies, so I had time to actually hit him without interference.

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