Warrior Priest "Sweet Science" problem

Could someone please confirm, that this achievement is working properly?

It was iffy for me. Punches and shoves from CW both trigger the punchable condition (for lack of a better phrase :person_shrugging:).

Before I actually completed the challenge I noticed sometimes the chat would ping challenge completed, sometimes there was a delay, and other times it just didn’t work. Also have to complete the map.

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I had huge issues with this one, it was my last WP challenge. Chaos warriors would either do one of their 9 other attacks they do in response to you being close or staggering them or get blipped by teammates.

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I completed it quite randomly, can confirm it works.
I think I used weapon special and not a push attack, but I suspect it works with both.

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This came up a couple of times and @Roshambo summarized the findings well:

“For Sweet Science make sure that you DO NOT block the punch. Take the damage and you should have plenty of time to walk up to the CW regardless of knockback to punch him back. Make sure your punch connects with any part of the CW and do not hit anyone with anything else on the way to the CW. Use the special attack punch on the 2H hammer and it should pop. It is possible this achievement does not pop in weaves. I think I got mine in chaos wastes.
It is the single, left hand jab attack you are looking for. CW tends to use it when you stand in front of them, often after they sweep their weapon up at you from below.”


Everything @RedBeardedGiant said.
To get CWs to punch you you should stand as close to them as possible without having your guard up. Then they’ll try and punch you. If you can stand with your back to a wall or something so the punch doesn’t push you back. There’s a limited time frame for the achievement.

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Thanks Guys, I always block the incoming attacks from CW, that explains a lot.

tried following, none worked

  • punching Chaos Warrior right back as soon as I got punched
  • spamming punch before and after his punch
  • getting punched and kill chaos warrior with punch
    what worked
    punching chaos warrior, second later he punched back and I got the challenge done message popping up
    now that is funny

That’s another bug that should be fixed.
But instead I’d like to propose the following change:
Chaos Warrior must ALWAYS punch back if Warrior Priest punches him first. In addition, he must have a special voice line for that, something like “Useless!”.
You know, for JoJo references.


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