Warrior priest sweet science (punch chaos warrior) not triggering?

hi folks, so ive been trying to finish WP recently, and the last challenge i need is the punch a chaos warrior after he punched you. for some reason the challenge wont trigger, while the bödvar one worked just fine. i tried every possible combination aka blocking his punch then punching back, tanking the hit, standing with my back to a wall so i can return the punch faster, doing it with the weapon special, doing it with the block push punch attack, it just wont trigger… am i doing something wrong or is this crap just buggy? cheers folks

Had this topic a couple of days ago:


It works: You need to take the damage and then retaliate with the special attack (not push attack) without hitting anything else in between and don’t take too long doing it.

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thanks for your reply. it still seems a bit buggy