"Bastion of Valor" challenge

Has anybody figured out how to complete this? I’ve been doing private runs on Screaming Bell, and killed a dozen different monsters already, but I never got it done. I’m certain I took no damage, did not switch weapons, and dealt the killing blow myself even. Tried only blocking in the last moment, blocked during several different attack sequences, but notjing seems to stick. I think the crux is in the word “riposte”. What does it mean in this context?

Are you blocking by holding charged attack? I believe a riposte is when you release left click right after an attack is blocked by your charged attack stance.

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Just block their attacks by holding the charge attack it seems.
I finished it on War Camp, blocked 3 knockback slams and then murdered him.

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It’s very simple: you have simply to block three attacks from a boss… you do NOT need any timing or similar things. But you must not block with RMB, the “right block” is that one you obtain keeping charging an heavy attack. Do an heavy attack, you will see the shields on screen… it’s enough not release the mouse button.

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Wait, the sword blocks on charged attack? Wow, that’s cool! Didn’t even notice! Mostly been using the new shield… Thanks all!

You can even hold it indefinitely. This is nice.


Ye, for this I said that it’s enough keep pressed the mouse button… I agree with you: really, really cool as tech… it can be useful in certain situations.


I think FS should rethink this challenge. In soloplay is almost imposible to achive, because bots taunts or simple kills monster.

Just play a private Legend game with bots on Screaming Bell or Against the Grain until you find a spawn, mino, or ogre. I have been doing that this morning, and had I realized I should have held left mouse button instead of right, I’d have had it a few times over already. On lower difficulties the bots kill and or distract the monster too easily.

Thats the point, rests od chelleneges you can do on lower difficulties. What if someone can’t play Legendary, or don’t enjoy it? Just because he won’t be able to unlock what he wants and what he payd? Other challenges can be unlocked on lower difficulties, this one not. This is kinda silly.

Edit. NWM already found the way to unlock it on lower difficulties.

But should every challenge be doable on any difficulty? For example, this one is for the glowy “red weapon” illusion. Most of those can only be earned on full book champ or legend anyways. If they made a requirement for this challenge to do it on legend, it wouldn’t really have been strange either.

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Yes, especialy if this challenge you must buy. Legendary difficulty not the default game mode, not everyone wants to play like this.
No, glowy illusion =/= red, not anymore. Now is only glowy.

For the other glowy DLC weapon illusions you had to kill all lords on legend as well. Don’t see why this one is very different.

And, at the risk of going off topic into a discussion that’s going on in pretty much the rest of this firum right now, I think you shouldn’t see it as paying extra for illusion challenges, but rather as having the option to get GK for cheap istead.

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Well i personally just que’d veteran warcamp with the bots and had bodvarr attack me the required times. Hes tanky enough to not instantly melt to bots and still not too random in hes patterns to get sudden hits in.

Other way i found to be quite doable (if you got buddies) is just to que some really easy early weave and find one rat ogre / minotaur you can riposte from.

This one definitely requires some setup but i find it to be lot less tedious than smashing the bosses on legend. Personally took me around 2-3 runs to figure out the best way to do it which considering that those runs happened in like 30 mins its not too awful.