Tip-tricks when starting to play-run legend

Yes-yes! Man-things feel overconfident and join Legend unprepared! They should focus-learn some basic clanwork. For example:

  1. Stay close-near to each other. Too many rambo manlings die-die alone when they rush the level.

  2. Be aware of your clanmates! Help-aid those that need so, specially when specials are skulking-hidden close. Many lone-sneaky enemies deal much avoidable damage if we watch our back-spines.

  3. Defend-protect one side, then stick-stay there! Many man-things hop from one flank to another, then formation is broken-lost and we die-perish due to surrounding enemies. 2-2 is usually the way to go.

  4. Search-look for defensive positions before horde. Usually that means pulling back. Bad-terrible placement means a much harder time.

  5. Wait-watch for hordes before boss triggers. By legend you should be able to know where bosses spawn, and should be waiting for hordes when able. You don’t want to find yourself with a full boss+horde+specials, unless experienced with it.

  6. Study-analyse clanmates! If heavy on the ranged department, let them unleash hell on enemies. Keep an eye for specials or flanking units. Don’t put yourself in line of fire! Circle-green things don’t matter.

  7. FF can save people! And its damage is usually negligible. Don’t be so cocky when hit. They might be trying to save you from a lone clanrat. One hit by those equal many FF hits.

  8. Learn to kite-dodge bosses. Many clanmates face a boss-horror alone and die within 2 seconds. Things will happen and you might have to keep the boss busy while clanmates deal with horde.

  9. Use headgear. This improves hearing-finding specials way before they appear. You should be able to distinguish all specials by their sounds.

  10. Bind-place ping button to a suitable place so you can use it as much as you can. For example shift. Many manlings forget to ping and make life harder for everyone.

  11. Fight with safe-caution. You die-die in 4 hits or less. Its better to kill the enemy 2 seconds later, than to die prematurely.

  12. Don’t try completely new things. Do champion runs to try classes, weapons and traits. Do legend runs when you are skilled with your loadout.

  13. Take that potion-healing. I don’t care if you can’t heal. You can carry-hoard that thing for another teammate.

  14. Pay attention to pings-silouettes. Your clanmate is probably telling you that there’s danger close-near. Many new-fresh meat runs unaware of that hookrat I pinged 3 seconds ago.

Thanks-thanks for reading so much!

Play safe and play together!

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