Tips and Tricks for whoever wants to improve

First: If you aren’t playing with headphones that have spatial sound you are going to have a bad time.

Second: Dogs - If you know a dog is coming, find a box higher than hip
height or any corner that you can just run around - the dog will ALWAYS come around that corner, pause for 2 seconds, THEN jump. That is plenty of time to kill or stagger the dog. Or, if you are quick you can just run directly at a dog when they are running at you and push him before he jumps.

Dogs will ALWAYS, 100% of the time take 1-2 seconds to pause and jump, that is your window to either hit them or avoid them. A dog jumping at you can easily be negated by keeping in mind this ONE thing - push 1 second before the actual push should happen. Their servers have a small delay when it comes to this and I went from never being able to stop a dog flying through the air to a 99% success rate.

Keep in mind they will become immune to stagger for 2 seconds when they just had major stagger damage dealt to them. If you see a Nurgle’s blessing Dog, you need to use the box/corner solution because they cannot be staggered by any normal means.

Third: Trappers - A trapper might seem to be annoying (when they shoot through a 2 ton reaper) but the reality is most times you see them, their AI is cycling through who to trap and when to do it based on distance. If you are constantly in coherency with your teammates their reaction time will slow because the AI is trying to figure out who to trap out of the four people it sees. If you are quick and run at them randomly while in coherency, you can actually hit them before they even begin to shoot their trap. I am a Zealot though so I might be a little quicker than others.

Fourth: Bursters - I still see tons of players afraid of getting close to a Bursters and while understandable they are actually very simple to avoid. Same logic I used earlier for trappers and dogs applies here - if you are quick you can push them before they jump. If you push a Burster BEFORE they start their jump, you will have a 100% success rate on avoiding their explosion, as long as you dodge backwards after pushing them. If you hear a burster and know where it is coming from, move toward them and push as soon as you have the opportunity. The more you do it the easier it will become. Since they fixed Bursters a while ago I honestly don’t have issues with them anymore though. If they aren’t being staggered or can’t be pushed its because someone else already dealt a ton of stagger damage to them within the last 5 seconds.

Fifth: Snipers - Honestly since they buffed the AI it seems sniper speed has increased to the point that the sound que for them about to shoot you goes off at the same time as their shot making it very difficult to avoid if you don’t seem them first. I really don’t have a solution for this other than Curio’s for sniper damage and just trying to be on your toes at all times.

Once you play enough dodging sniper shots is a walk in the park but what isn’t a walk in the park is dodging that sniper 2 stories above you on a catwalk at a spawn point you passed 30 seconds ago. A sniper shot will take over half your health bar in a split second and it is the ONE special I am constantly hit by at random times therefore I ALWAYS run sniper damage curios - obviously personal preference but this is my experience.

Sixth: Dodge, block, dodge, block and dodge again. You think you’re clear after having just killed 100 Poxwalkers and 20 elites within 30 seconds? HAH, you better be dodging and blocking while doing a 360 or you are going to get hit by that random enemy that was sitting in the corner waiting for you to let your guard down I guarantee. Also dodge sliding will save your health bar and life against most gunners you see.

If you have anything else to add feel free


Even better: move toward them and push before they start their jump, but after they arm their explosives (you can hear this in the beeping). If you push them before they arm, they’ll fall back but won’t explode when they land – they’ll just lie there prone briefly and you have to shoot them to blow them up, or they’ll get back up and run at you again.

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“if you are quick you can push them before they jump. If you push a Burster BEFORE they start their jump, you will have a 100% success rate on avoiding their explosion, as long as you dodge backwards after pushing them” You just repeated what I already said.

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A related burster tip/factoid I learned while messing around in the solo play mod: the burster audio ramping up in speed corresponds only to their proximity to you, not the state/progress of their explosion.


That is not true.

Dogs have two types of pounce, you can test it with creature spawner mod.
Or look at my old post here:


Snipers - use cover. Make it a habit to move from cover to cover. You can run, slide, teleport through warp doesnt matter, just be sure that there is always a pillar, abox, a wall, a friendly Ogryn next to you so you want get caught in the middle of a big room with your pants down.

Great post for new players tho, kudos

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“they have two types of pounce: running pounce and spot pounce” They will only get to spot pounce by first running to that spot, right? That means its all one pounce, just based on timing. However if a dog spawns within jumping distance, then yeah they can spot pounce. Also, 900 hours playtime and like I said, 99% success rate with dogs now.

What you aren’t realizing is you control a dogs movement. They don’t control yours. That means if a dog is chasing SPECIFICALLY you, you could make it run in circles for 5 minutes if you wanted to. All about positioning and movement.

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Green dogs can be pushed exactly like regular dogs by the person it is trying to pounce.

The window is also super generous since 13, unless you play on 200+ ping, you should have no problem pushing em at all.

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As soon as you in range of pounce, and dog is in running state, it will pounce you immediately (without 1s delay).

From spot pounce happen in close range or if dog not in running state.

So, your case will happen only, if they are not far enough for running pounce (which seems to be max distance of pounce).

I realize much more than that.

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No, the part about waiting until after they arm is different. You said to push them as early as possible:

This is bad advice: if you push them before they arm, they won’t auto explode when they land, and they’ll get back up and run at you again.

Do you not know how to read? lol. You don’t seem to understand moving toward a burster at walking speed will cause them to jump at you as soon as you get close, thus pushing them as soon as you get close is the best thing to do. Not like I have 900 hours of experience doing this but you do you

Okay - as I have said, 99% success rate but enjoy sticking with your strategy, your choice lol

Don’t be rude, please. I’m not sure what the disconnect is here. You usually want to push bursters after they arm but before they jump, NOT as soon as possible. You said to push as soon as possible, which is generally bad advice.


You really edited your original post and are trying to lie now, lmao. Man. If you aren’t trying to lie then all I can say is you don’t grasp the concept of repeating what someone just said. This is why I usually don’t bother making posts anywhere because dealing with people like you. You literally posted a reply to me saying “Yes but also push them BEFORE they jump” to which I replied I just said that, and you then edited your post and are now saying you don’t know what the disconnect is. The disconnect is you made a point I already made, edited your post to avoid confrontation and now are basically spewing false information to get your point across. Enjoy your day cause I’m off these forums for today lol

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They didn’t. This is super weird and aggressive, and you should maybe step back and ask yourself why you’re getting so heated.

Lots of folks here have a lot of experience, and it may conflict at times. But the discussion and getting to the truth is what most of us are here for in these types of conversations.


You said this:

Which is again, not true.

I am not discussing any strategies, or arguing with your 99% experience.
I just describing how pounce actually works for people who will stumble upon this.


Wtf? I didn’t edit my post at all. You’d be able to see the edited symbol if I had.

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Never stop dodging left and right, you can often avoid attacks you don’t see coming by dodging with your attacks. Also consider moving jump to a different key than dodge so you don’t accidentally jump in the thick of it.

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having common sense is something a lot of people lack and that’s what makes this game so difficult lol like, people would rather slap-fight everything around them rather than quickly free someone from a net that’s open for it. same with when a zealot uses their relic and most people seem to wanna keep fighting instead of reviving downed teammates.

this game is already difficult enough when you’re on auric content, but when you have these clowns that have no common sense, it makes everything seem like a brand new auric nurgle maelstrom+ difficulty lol


Ahh well then I guess I just thought you did lmao. Also I apologize for being rude but seeing 3 people in a row between two forums repeat something I literally just said is slightly irritating. Yes you made the point of pushing WHEN they arm which is very true - “even better, move toward them and push before they start their jump, but after they arm their explosives” From my personal experience, when I do it the way I mentioned they arm at the exact moment I push them so its really based on preference or personal experience I guess.

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