Hunting Grounds and Fatshark Logics

Random question… What’s the most janky special right now…?
Answer: The hound. With the current server instability and lag, it’s very unreliable to avoid with a timed dodge.

Fatshark: Let’s make an event with tons of hounds spawning all the time two by two in every single fockeen game !!!



Almost everything in this game has an audio cue. Its a disgrace that the playerbase still hasnt found out how to deal with dogs. It gives you an audio cue and you push it. Its as simple as that. If youre mechanically unable to perform this action, just sit on some box.

It’s actually pretty fun.
I did 2 of them yesterday on heresy and I think the special spawns are effected the pack because we had a LOT of 2 dog spawns and 2 mutants and large packs of shotgunners and gunner specials.

I think its doubled all the special spawns.
Even saw 5 reapers at once and had to throw all my stun grenades to get them to stop pushing me back.

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So if you get a ranged weapon that has good stopping power (I’m using the Revolver), you can stop them mid-charge and then kill them with a follow-up shot. No need to even learn the dodge/push tech.

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I don’t know if this is serverside lag but this does not work reliably for me.

I can deal with every other special & play on Heresy+, so I’d like to think I’m not completely incompetent. I feel my ability to push the dog has a success rate of maybe 10% based on the sound cue, visual cue, etc as I’ve tried adjusting to different things. It just doesn’t feel like it working as intended on my end. Why? I’m not sure - it could be that I’m just bad. But since I’m decent enough to dodge on cue to trappers, snipers, mutants, etc then I think it’s weird that I just can’t get the push of the dog down.

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I dont think so. Its pretty easy I would say. Im playing on EU servers and its working great for me. Sitting on boxes and seeing the ai get stuck is great too, so just do that until they fix whatever is happening with the dog. Another thing you can do if hes not coming at you through a horde is aggressively sliding into him and just hitting him before he can even pounce.

I just slide away from hounds. I usually succeed if my slide doesn’t get interrupted

Well, my initial aim was to discuss why, as they have a ton of server issue, fatshark decides to spam the living sheet out of the single most special with the shortest dodge window rather than my mechanical (in)abilities but I’ll be sure to find a box and sit on it, thanks for this precious piece of knowledge.

the number of clips of dogs pulling 20g whipping around to latch on to someone is amazing

Just push block right on their little snoot. Stand at a corner when you here them coming to reduce the change of lag or something.

Pox Hounds are not that bad. I’d say Mutants are more obnoxious and prone to serious disruption. After doing the condition a few times, 's fine.

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I think they just modified the high intensity modifier by changing the dog spawns per special wave, because the horde and special wave spawn is way too frequent compared to normal.

Idk its been a while since I saw a dog do something janky, seems to me that they are mostly fixed

It’s inconsistent. Sometimes you can dodge it like you should, other times you dodge it and it changes direction mid-air to get you.

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I’m pretty sure they just grabbed the hi-intensity modifier, edited a couple values for the dogs, and called it a day.

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Stagger with stagger heavy ranged weapons, push them, dodge them. Hug a corner, unlike mutants hounds often fail navigating obstacles. If they are close enough to pounce, they will pounce at the obstacle between you and stun themselves like after being hit.

I have no advice for them jumping out from doors just behind you, appearing suddenly from the thin air (most likely just part of the audio que not playing), and pouncing at you through hit boxes of other enemies. For these issues, just stay together and use VOIP, whatever ingame or personal.

There’s definitely issues with the spawn audio cues for multiple hounds. If you are lucky you hear the approaching barks but sometimes they can pop from around corners almost silently. It might be the amount of cues overloading the audio engine.