Pox Hounds & Hunting Grounds Poll!

As outlined in our patch notes this week, we have made some changes to Pox Hounds, and also the associated in game condition of Hunting Grounds.

We would like to run a limited time test of the new Hunting Grounds changes this weekend, and ask if you could provide feedback on the changes we have made.

Are you ready to take on the hounds again? Or are we barking up the wrong tree?

  • Bring it on!
  • I’ve seen enough Pox Hounds to last a lifetime thanks

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Well, I would prefer that this is not always the same special condition used for all maps…
But I guess it will come later.

So… I voted give it to us… changes are always good


The ‘director’ kept spawning triple dogs every other pack of specials in every heresy+ game I played since the patch, so there might be something crossed somewhere letting the dogs out early.

It would be cool if we didn’t have to rely on Fatsharks generosity for us to be able to play the parts of the game we want to play.


Can we get modifiers that aren’t getting griefed with buggy enemies?


If it was up to me I’d remove the poxhound entirely from the game, and come up with something else more fun. Maybe a chaos psyker or something?
The poxhound really is the most frustrating thing ever in a game for me. Not just how it functions in game but just every aspect about it; the way it looks, the sound it makes and the way it moves and humps you like a dirty old mutt in heat. It’s all terrible if you ask me.
This thing for sure has cost me a couple of years of my life, with the high blood pressure it’s given me.
And I have a feeling I am not the only one not being a fan, simply can’t imagine anybody enjoying this kind of enemy.


I think pox hounds are fundamental to this game’s identity, and are generally a fun, core challenge of the gameplay loop. I also really enjoyed Hunting Grounds the last time around. That said, there are contexts where countering them becomes very inconsistent, due to lag(?).

When a poxhound pounces while relatively close to me, I can push them at the perfect moment 99% of the time with 99% of melee weapons I’ve tried. I find that walking towards them while they’re setting up the pounce / pouncing actually helps, and doing this makes me feel like a Spanish Matador.

HOWEVER, when they start their pounce from really far away (like far enough away that they actually just start defying gravity and common sense and flying through the air towards you by the end), it becomes way way way harder to push them. I know for a fact that I am attempting to push them at the same distance from my face as when they pounce from closer, yet when they start from farther away, they might “lag” a little and then disable me anyways. It SUCKS.

Now don’t even get me started on side dodging them. I know it’s “supposed” to work, but it’s just flat out inconsistent. No way to time it “just right” because side dodging two times will yield two different results, even if you the dog was the same distance away from you both times.

These observations were still true as of playing yesterday, post-patch #4.

Edit: if I side dodge and push at the same time, I’m finding myself pushing the dogs a lot more consistently. That’s nice.

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I think the community is ready.
Why don’t you guys do DUAL CONDITIONS. Two for the price of one.
Hunting Grounds + Hi-Intensity
Old Fog + Lights Out

I know you can do it! HAVE FAITH!

Edit: What I mean is you select a mission and on that mission are two modifiers for extra crazyness.


Cool. FS once again asking us to pay them to PLAY TEST THEIR OWN GAME! How about “NO”. Everyone needs to stop this nonsense. WE are NOT their unpaid game testers. There’s actual real paying jobs to playtest games. DO NOT LET GAME COMPANIES CONTINUE TO GET AWAY WITH FREE PLAYTESTING!!! They should be paying people properly to do this, but instead they see game testers as trash and not worth paying WHEN THEY CAN GET THE GENERAL WORLD POPULACE TO DO IT FOR FREE AND THE CUSTOMERS WILL PAY THEM TO DO IT!!! It’s the biggest scheme in gaming to rival predatory MTX! DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THESE COMPANIES!!

Do we all want the game to be better? OF COURSE!! But it shouldn’t be at the cost of our own actual money and time!! FS purposely released this game before Xmas as a cash grab, KNOWING it was a pile of garbage and shouldn’t have been released. But no. $$$$$$$$$$$ always wins out. Stop rewarding them for their greed and working for free.


Not seeing a reason to reinstall Darktide. At least they asked before subjecting the playerbase to test their buggy enemies this time lol

Are you serious?! Are you f#cking serious?! We had Hunting Grounds for weeks! Where the F#ck is the Vent Purge? You lazy bastards. Seriously?! Y’all can’t get the other Special Conditions to work correctly so we have to do the Hunting Grounds for who knows how f#cking long again!?
Done…I’m done. Jesus, Mary and Joseph!


Completely agree on this!

Could you make one that’s mutant swarm.

Boss mutant 1 twice the size 3 times the hp.
Also spawn with him mutants that are half the size half hp and spawn in 8 at a time.
You get this encounter twice per map modifier.

Mutants a actually really fun do dodge and really dangerous to fight in hordes while feeling fair.


This is genius and hilarious

I just want more interesting modifiers that actually alter the level itself…


I don’t care about the hounds, remove the crafting RNG.


The majority of your player base does not enjoy the hound condition. Would love to see literally ANY other condition, extra flamers, extra ogryns, something. Extra disablers is just not fun.

If hounds weren’t a buggy mess I’d still say it’s not a fun mechanic to be disabled/stun locked.

Honestly the main problem with hounds is not that they disable you since trappers do that to.
It’s that if you see a trapper out in the open running towards you and your gun has no ammo you just dodge.
If your in a horde and you hear the net sound you just dodge and hope.
If you see a mutant you dodge.
If you see a pox hound you pray to the machine God for good netcode and hope your dodge and push work.

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Who let the dogs out?!