It has been a long time since I enjoyed a game

It looks like Left 4 Dead meets Hexen 2 and had an incredible baby!

The gameplay is awesome, the feeling of smashing heads, multilating enemies, crushing oponents. Its trully amazing. You guys have a rare jewel here, I wonder why so few people play this title in Steam (8,709 at peak). It is an amazing game I’m telling you. playing with 3 other friends makes the experience even greater.

I just finished all levels on recruit level. I kind feels that gear isn’t scaling very well for other levels. I play really easy on Recruit levels and quite normal on Veteran level (working on finishing all), just finished Act I.

Yesterday I tried Act I on champion level, we were terribly crushed on 2nd wave of mobs. I am pretty sure its my skill level, rather than gear. I have 330+ hero power but it feels like I cannot manage to deal with mobs. It feels Champion levels requires a lot, a REALLY MEAN A LOT, of team play.

Are there other Champion levels players out there? Tips and guides would be awesome to help develop even further in this game.



As annoying and pointless the hero power grind is, it’s really just an intro to playing the game. The sooner you can reach 600 power the sooner you can begin the long path to mastering the game.

The issue is that things like DPS and stagger change based on hero power. There isn’t any consistency until you’ve maxed the hero power.

General tips would be to prioritise targets. Disablers are the highest priority, then elites, then trash, then bosses. When a boss appears along with a lot of trash it needs to be kited if all players are occupied. Bosses kill the units under them as you kite them.

Put your back to a wall during hordes, minimise the number of directions the fight happens in. Put dodge and jump on 2 separate buttons. Dodge is far more important so I put it on space with jump on shift. Use dodge dancing to flank enemies in a circle fashion, so you’re always creating an edge to the fight.

Load up the modded realm and practice on single enemy types, dodge packmasters, assassins, leeches, figure out the best set of attacks to do with your particular weapon to open up shielders.

There are always ways to get better at the game even with 1000s of hours of experience.


Dodge is your priority button. Go to settings and set dodge only for space and bind jump to other button to prevent accidents.

Heavy weappns have lower range of dodge and lower number of dodges can be performed continiously until you either jump and some time has passed from previous dodge.
For hammers, longbows, shileds etc its like 0.85 dodge range and 1-2 effective dodges (then they start to getting shorter after each dodge to the point you are not moving) and for 1h weapons its like

Packmaster can be dodged only left/right, not backwards.

Set view angle to ~100 in settings to see more and get used to it.

Cleave. How much enemies you can damage and stagger. Depends on weapon type, hero power and difficulty. Most weapons cant cleave through armored targets, for example theres stormvermin (armored) to the left and slave rat (trash) to the right in front of you. You swing your weapon left to right, you gonna hit stormvermin, weapon stops, slaverat unaffected and you have to block/dodge/get stabbed.
On lower difficulties as you level hero/gear weapons with better cleave prioritized, cause theres not much armored enemies. 2h swords, 1h swords, 1h hammer (same as 1h mace) , twin swords, glaive, rapier, falchion, halberd is a way to go. As you climb higher diff mobility means more, same as damage to armored enemies so you change something.

Stagger, i.e. crowd control. Same as cleave depends on weapon, hero power, diff. Define can you or not interrupt enemies animation.
Basically same as cleave, but theres a weapons like 2h hammer that can stagger milion enemies, but will deal damage only to 3-4 of them. Armored targes harder to stagger, so unless you have super heavy weapon you block and dodge when you see they are about to attack you.

Thats kinda basics, theres much more going on and much more guides on this forum, but they really matter when you are at hero power 600. Also can recommend j_sat youtube channel, he shows a lot of interesting things that will help you, for example how slot system works.

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ewwwww no D:

Just practice dodging, hitting, and timed blocking, you should pretty much be dodging constantly in melee to make sure you have more uptime for your attacks, when you are fighing multiple enemies if you can’t 1 shot them, make sure to cycle targets to keep up stagger, get used to enemy swing patterns so you can push, or dodge in combat and quickly swap to a range weapon without getting hit a lot in case you spy a dangerous special.

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This is the mindset to have. Being a good team player will take you far in this game. Wait’ll you get into legend…

Here’s my #1 tip: There’s a kind of wind-up whoosh noise that plays when an enemy is getting ready to take a swing at you from outside your effective block area (usually from outside your field of view). Get in the habit of bringing up your block or dodging into some clear space (or both) whenever you hear it. This will stop a lot of the damage you take from that one bad guy that snuck in behind you.

Other than that, I highly recommend changing your key binds to separate the jump and dodge keys.

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