Tips for beating Chaos Spawn

Hey guys!

So I’m relatively new to V2, just got to lvl 15 for Kerillian and 12 for Barden.

Game is really fun and I just got my friend hooked on it as well. We are really only playing a closed lobby with 2 bots on Veteran. We do just fine until we face a Chaos Spawn. Can’t seem to do enough damage to it before it grabs the terrible AI to regain health. They tend to just stand in front of it and eat the grab. I mean I guess I could play as Shade and do dmg from backstabbing but I’m trying to lvl up other classes and I just unlocked Slayer for Barden. I have been using Ironbreaker for mob control. So I haven’t been able to do enough dmg solo.

What are your tips for beating one when it spawns with 2 bots?


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there are a few ways to deal with bosses, 1 way is to just plain dps it down before the horde spawns (there will always be 1 more timed horde call during a boss)

if your party has low boss dps, the other way is to bring it to an open area, kite the boss and the horde around and play the attrition game until it’s dead.

(the third way is to try and tank everything on the spot, which is what pugs do all the time and mostly die, rofl)

as an ironbreaker, you’re playing the role of tank mostly, because there’s not really a good setup for extreme boss damage with that class. you COULD slowly bring down a chaos spawn, saving your bombs and ult for interrupting a grab on your teammate so he doesn’t heal, but it’s going to be a long grind.

your friend has to gear for boss killing if you want to be more efficient about it.

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Thanks for the reply!

With 2 bots we do seem to always have low dps and since I have just been playing Barden lately because I wanted to eventually get to the Slayer class which I heard is really fun to play.

What is successful for us is for everything other than the Troll (which is just super easy to dps down) I hold the bosses attention as Ironbreaker and the rest of the party of the AI isn’t following me is to just kill the horde spawn and then focus down the boss. But with the Chaos Spawn it seems like I can’t hold its attention. Just turns around and grabs an AI.

Didn’t know bombs canceled the grab! That’s good to know. I wonder if with the Foot Knight he can charge into it and cancel it as well!

My friend isn’t very good which is why we don’t dive into pub games. He plays as Markus and uses the sword and shield. Which I feel isn’t enough dps.

yes, the footknight does make the spawn drop whatever he’s holding too. most aoe abilities do that (kruber merc, witchhunter captain, sienna’s explosion and firewalk, not sure about handmaiden’s charge though)

i recommend u to try out pub games actually, just be the host so you can kick abusive players, i feel that players are generally a lot better than bots, most of the time (lol)

Bots really are bad against any bosses other than Rat Ogre, and suffer worst against Chaos Spawn, very often ending up feeding it. Some careers’ abilities (Mercenary, Foot Knight, Battle Wizard, Witch Hunter Captain, Pyromancer) can shock the Spawn out of the feeding animation, as well as (regular) bombs. So try bringing those to the fight, and saving the abilities for that purpose. I’m not certain if Slayer’s Leap used with Crunch helps, but at least by itself it doesn’t. (If it does, that would at least give a use for that Talent…) Otherwise, your best bet might actually be to let the bots get themselves get killed and focus on bringing down the boss after that. Unless you’re very fast in dealing with the boss (at least a-skilled-Shade-w/-Conc-potion fast) you will get at least one horde during it, but once that horde is dealt with, things calm down a bit. So deal with the horde, let the bots do whatever if you don’t have saving abilities, then concentrate on the boss.

I don’t think UC’s explosion is enough, and HM’s Dash certainly isn’t. I’m also not certain abut IB’s Taunt. Bounty Hunter can do it, though, in addition to the ones I mentioned earlier, although on Legend certain setup is needed, iirc. Mostly, any resource that knocks normal enemies down is enough to knock CS out of their grab (and other bosses and Lords out of their attacks, too).

Boss taunt talent interrupts feeding spawn. Without talent, I believe not. Crunch is useless. UC would not stagger it as well. Merc/fk/whc/bh/bw/pyro/upgareded IB. Bombs and black powder barrels.

I think if you are two players (recruit/veteran) you want to have one ranged weapon/career for boss killing and one for all other stuff.

For example you can go IB with 1h hammer/handgun (I believe handgun oneshots every special on lower than legend independent on hero power or +%power Vs, also it deals good amount of dmg to bosses, but ammo is low and reload speed makes it useless at idea of fast killing) and your friend can go with any elf with hagbane+streng potion (totally wrecks bosses) shade with daggers with concentration pot (a bit risky though, daggers can’t hit more then one target per hit, so you will have problems with hordes) huntsman with longbow with strength potion.

Move sets. If you don’t run from spawn screaming "Aaaaaaaaaa!! " like most players even in legend do, you can find that there is a sequence in his moves as well as in rat ogres moves. Have you seen your AI walking to rat ogre just to bait slam attack and dodge back so it deals no damage? Same possible with spawn, BUT spawn have much lower react time. He will start 3(4) swings run attack almost immediately after your dodge ground slam/push/grab. So how you do it. You see spawn coming from far(or not so far). You want to shoot it with handgun and your mate just go back a bit and wait so he agrroes on you. He running at you, start performing running attack. You dodge back a bit to save stamina or just block. When attack chain is almost ended you want to move forward a bit (block up) and then dodge back as you see spawn performing push/slam/grab. You dodged back from slam/etc, spawn starts running attack and so on. This will save you a lot of space AND if you have a narrow place to fight him you know when you want to run it around, after dodging back from slam/etc, so he won’t grab you when you run past him.

is it me or dodging clockwise make it easier to evade spawn grab?

another good thing to learn is dancing the bosses :

You said you’re playing Kerillian right? Take the hagbane bow with 10% monster and 10% chaos, charm with 10%Chaos and 10%monster. Use a glaive as melee weapon because it can already 1 shot Stormvermin on Legend without extra “Power VS”.

That 40% extra damage on chaos bosses will melt them. You can kill a Chaos spawn on Legend with around 10 arrows if you use a strength pot. Chaos Spawn and Troll are the two hardest bosses. The other two are very easy, and the 20% extra boss damage from 10%monster will help with them. Chuck the Swift Slaying Trait on glaive to melt hordes and you’re good to go now.

You will still have to learn how to kite it’s attacks though. I suggest jumping on the modded relm and spawning them to learn how to. Or, just play handmaiden with the lvl 25 talent that makes you lose agro by going invisible.

No, it’s not just you. the grab strikes from (your) right to left, with the spawn’s left “arm”, so it doesn’t reach as far to your left as it does right, and hits there slightly later to boot. So as soon as possible, you should find a clockwise route to kite the spawn. Environmental awareness is a big key to successful fighting, kiting or not, anyway.

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If you are playing with bots then you just have to accept the fact that one way or another one of those bots are going to get nom nomed at some point.

You can try maximizing bots health with some hp amulets but personally i just try to dps it down as fast as possible and generally do the kiting myself (if possible) instead of letting the bots do it in a middle of a horde.
That way you can somewhat prevent the bots from actually being eaten and use the bosses aoe to do some rat clearing of its own.
But really 9/10 one of your bots are gonna get eaten and you just have to be prepared for that.

Really the most important thing is just setting yourself up a race track style kiting area, whether that means moving forwards or backwards. It’s critical that w/e he’s attacking be able to move backwards and eventually do a quick, safe turn as if you have aggro, your offensive windows are minimal. If you have aggro, you’re only kiting and if you don’t have aggro you’re (very carefully) DPSing while at the same time being ready to become the kiter at the drop of the hat. If you’re DPSing as a melee, don’t stay in close range. Do a charged attack and back dodge out, like you would locking Roger in place. He’s too spazzy to reliably hammer his back without moving.

It’s extremely difficult and luck dependent with bots. They are incapable of dodging his grab attack and will feed him all day long.

With ALL bosses getting them to drop off things or climb up things can get you a bit of an advantage but admittedly there are not a load of places on every map to do it. Because the bosses have a SLOW climb/drop animation you can buy yourself time when you’re kiting by making the boss climb up or drop down.

Think about the First Grim position on Screaming Bell - you can kite along the burning alley, through the pig/pen area, towards the spot where you first jump up to get the grim and actually drop back down into the burning alley and repeat. There’s also a few spots on Empire In Flames where you can run up some stairs into a broken building and wait for the spawn to hop up before dropping down into the street again.

Biggest problem is though, bots are basically healing potions for the spawn.

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I think the bots are programmed to fight all bosses the same. Have you ever seen a bot kite a Rat Ogre? They’re better than most players, they keep walking forward to bait it and then dodging back to avoid it’s slam attack. They’re very good, the problem is they try and do the same thing with the Chaos Spawn and end up getting grabbed cause of it’s tentacles reach.


Actually it even works with a Chaos Spawn quite well. It just have to be perfect to hold the CS on 1 point. That’s why bots can’t manage it.

Otherwise i would do it like trolls/sf. Permadodge left works.

I’ve found the trick against the Chaos Spawn is to be prepared to make him drop people.

How, you say?

Generically, bombs work. When the Spawn grabs someone, throw a bomb at the Spawn and it’ll drop them. That stops the regen/healing from eating.

Some of the career skills do the same thing. Mercenary Marcus, Pyromancer Siena, Knight Marcus, and quite a few others. Anything that will stagger foes is enough to make the Chaos Spawn drop its lunch.

Once you do that, it becomes a more standard boss fight. Do damage to it quickly before too many specials and mobs show up to ruin your day.

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