Time limited Content

Out of genuine curiosity, how do people feel about time based content? The twins are a random special but for a limited time. Eventually, presumably, they swill stop showing up, potentially indefinitely and their assets unused. Do you think it’s good for retention and engagement? A waste of dev resources? Etc.

  • Time limited Events
  • Yes I like Time limited events to engage me
  • No, I don’t like time limited events and FOMO
  • I am indifferent to them
  • I have a more nuanced/different view
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I like time limited events, but only if the content is permanently introduced in some other way. Looks like the Twins will get their own mission, however based on the ui preview we’re getting I’m worried that will be time limited only as well.

Even if they had a much smaller chance of still ambushing strike teams, with different randomized names I would prefer that than them being lost forever, although I would prefer a better, permanent implementation.


Yeah I like this too. As long as it’s not fully gone forever. Reduced chances or some other implementation so people coming later can experience them makes sense. Like the DRG seasons.


I really don’t care about these timed events as they don’t give anything so you don’t miss anything when they go away

What if they were time limited cosmetics, weapon skins, or even blessings or something?

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I don’t like time-limited content implemented like that and I voted for ‘No, I don’t like…’. That said, the new twin bosses are just boring. I don’t mind them leaving unless they are changed. They don’t count for the monstorsity weekly contracts. They are too weak individually, and most annoyingly, they won’t even let me kill them. Fight and die, god-damnit.

I wouldn’t mind if we had a ‘week of this’ and ‘week of that’ with rotating mini-events that go one after another. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Like a ‘week of animosity’, and we have more invading bosses on all missions, but the more bosses we defeat, the higher the chances of a second (and maybe a third, depending on the number of kills) emperor’s gifts. Or a ‘week of greed’, and more plasteel is spawned in all missions, but the more plasteel the players collect, the more enemies spawn in each wave. Or, I don’t know, a ‘week of warp anomalies’, and suddenly all map modifiers are hidden, but all rewards are increased. There should be some pros and cons to make it fun. Those are just some quick ideas.

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Sure add more content, the limited events do not have incentives to miss out on ATM, so its fine IMO.

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If the time-limited stuff then becomes permanent, not a problem in my book. The introduction of the Daemonhost hints towards that route, seeing as following the introduction weekend, with the brown-trouser inducing darkness mutator, its became a permanent fixture. Like others I agree, the Karnak’s will have this time centre-stage and then be retired to be a pair of bosses in their own mission, gives them some presence so when we do go and kill them it will be taking revenge for their “lol insta-disappear” escape mechanic. So, I think its a good thing as we’re not just killing a pair of bosses we may only see in their own mission in future.

I’m not sure it does anything for the retention of players, although I can understand why others find it annoying and detrimental and thus hamper their engagement with the missions.

My hope is that this will turn into each named NPC (Zola, Morrow, etc) having their own cluster of different missions, each pursuing a different end goal or theme related to the NPC in question.

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Just for a min there I thought “Time limited crafting unlocked”

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There was a time limited resource exploit to basically get a 90% cost reduction on consecrating items… that was fun.

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If they want to pretend to be a GaaS type game, they need events like these. But the event is also completely pointless. It gives us nothing, aside from a different monstrosity to fight (that doesn’t even count towards contracts).

No rewards, no incentive to play - beyond seeing the time limited thing in action.


I think time limited content could be welcome but I don’t think the base game is ready for it. And I’m honestly not convinced FS is ready for it either.

Crafting is just failed attempt to implement a gacha system. Grims and scripts don’t provide any rewards for the added challenge, there’s no point to that mechanic. Weapon and blessing tiers are totally pointless as is the contrived 80% stat cap. Mission locations float around the map as if the hive is a giant carousel. The mourningstar itself is just a miserable strip mall with nothing going on. This game needs work not new content.

As for fatshark everything is just such a heavy lift. Even hotfixes which by definition are meant to arrive out of cycle are at best weekly affairs. Their communication with players is really iffy, everything is a total surprise. In theory regular time limited events would be a lovely addition but I just don’t think Darktide or FS can handle it at the moment. I mean, there isn’t even a reward system in place, are you going to get a special blessing or some sort of relic sword for defeating the twins? No, nothing works that way. Best you can hope for at the moment is a shirt with a graphic on it that says “I defeated the Karnak twins and all I got was this lousy T-shirt”.


why, instead of a time limited can’t there be a timelined content, with the option to join at the current state or replay whatever you missed.

hate seasons, ain’t my cup of tea, they even spoil games for me i once was committed to.

conan exiles for example i cheese through, exhaust my time to tilt and have a quality time elsewhere.
sure some items are nice but its always the “cool, i can use that later once i’m done with the chores” that never comes because after them chores i feel burned out.

ironically i would have poured double the playtime into if it’d be meaningful.

sure timeline above would result in longer load time, a reasonable price though in my book.


It’s not an event so much as a tease for the actual boss fight, which seems to be coming on the 13th. That will probably be time-limited also, but who knows.

And the rewards look like (at least) 3 possible insignias.

Most people don’t like it, but it’s a staple of GaaS. Get used to it.

As long as they become part of some event rotation ala Path of Exile seasons every few months then I’d be ok with it somewhat.

But if this becomes a yearly thing at best then its wasted dev time that could have been dedicated to more weapons.

More weapons like an ogryn 2h.

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The only reason it is time limited, is because they’re trying to make it like a prelude for the new map drop, in which we’ll be able to kill them. That’s the only reason they disappear. I reckon the mapdrop will coincide with the end of this ‘event’.

I believe this is FS clunky way of ‘storytelling’… as with all forms of communication, they’re terribly inept at it.

I think the other problem is that it’s a time limited event without any of the time limited benefits.

Warframe, DRG, and other games do seasonal / time limited events but usually there is a point to doing them (bonus rewards, exclusive rewards, extra xp/credits/crafting mats, etc).

What is the point of this besides teasing something that is already half implemented? If they maybe dropped a resource bag with plassteel or you got an emperor’s gift off them then sure but right now it’s intensely silly. I’m not for adding a reward for the DH because it’s an optional fight but if you are going to make us fight essentially a boss in random play atleast throw us a bone or an overall reward based on the number of players beating a number of twins similar to the festival of skulls stuff.

It’s painful to watch FS try the GAAS stuff when it’s clear they have no idea what they are doing with it.

Thanks for saving me having to type a lengthier reply. If the Karnak Twins special assignment is time limited, I’d consider that to be problematic. The ambushes being time limited in the context of a full fledged kill mission, not a big deal IMO.

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Two new maps in a new zone. New comms, fleshing out new characters. An in-game justification for the introduction of a new mechanic, stimms. A cinematic trailer. Two temporary monstrosities to tease our first real, named boss fight (most likely coming in a week).

Jeez what more could they do? This ain’t Bardin’s Gate 3, rejects!