"three new conditions"

  • Three new conditions:
    • Hunting Grounds: Rejects will have to fend off increased numbers of Pox Hounds.

    • Assault: More ammo, less healing, more enemies. Prepare to run.

    • Hi-Intensity Engagement Zone: High Enemy concentration in the Mission Zone, along with a higher proportion of Specialists.

Does Fatshark think no one realises high intensity is already in the game?
lmao jesus christ man can we get an explanation for this


What it does seem to suggest is that Aqshy isn’t playing the game


Lol, who had the great idea of more dogs?
Probably the disabler that has the most issues hahaha


I for one look forward to seeing more of the most broken entity in the game.


it’s going to be amazing to see the entire team pinned "doggy st…"ehm by dogs because unlike gutter runners, you can’t immediately push them off and they have a lot more hp :smiley:

I could care less about the hounds - I just want fatshark to be honest, this kind of **** is pathetic and exactly why I refunded in the first place

LMAO they’ve edited the original post

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I wish I had the TIME to play this game. :smiley: I’m actually in the studio right now (whereas I normally work remotely and have the PC with me), and I am not playing there rather than working.

But yes, this is an oversight on my end, apologies. The post has been edited to alleviate some ??? moments.


Can you keep it and just have the new condition be double high intensity?

I bet there are some people who are high-octane who would like that, but considering the feedback on that particular condition, I don’t see it going over well :smiley:

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Cheers for the quick response, can’t deny I was expecting you guys to try peddle it as genuinely new at this point.

What madness compels video game development staff to not play the video games they develop? I even see things like Miyazaki saying he never plays the games he makes and all I can think of is “wow, Elden Ring could have been 10 times better if the director bothered to play his own game…”


Know this might not be the place for the feedback, but now I’ve caught you, actually the issue is more that I don’t feel it is worth the effort to do.
Think if I got some more plasteel/diamantine for doing a harder run, I would be happier to do them.
I know I should just “play to have fun”, but the game seems to be more weighted in having actually good gear to excel at higher levels, so the gathering of resources becomes a more integrated part of my game loop.
So with missions taking 20-40mins why risk losing it all? In a non-progression game (like L4D), I can play on harder difficulties or harder mutators, bc I know the level gives all the tools provide to beat it and it is only my own skill that keeps me from winning.
TL;DR if game requires me to take chances for the risk of losing progress, I need a better incentive for taking that risk.

I work in game dev at a major studio and my reasoning is this; it feels like work to play the game you work on sadly. I just cant get into the game with my friends when we would play the game I work on, because it just feels like im working, it sucks

Also when they say they dont play it, they likely mean they dont play it as a hobby in their free time, trust me when i say every single dev plays the game to a degree, they know whats going on in there


Sometimes, it doesn’t feel like it…

Pretty sure that response wasn’t a ‘I’ve not played the game I represent’ and more a ‘I haven’t had time to play it recently’. Considering FS is still neck deep in release period crunch i think that is pretty understandable.

Considering the automatic bug report system they have for crashes I wouldn’t be surprised if the only playtesting they’ve got going on right now is rapidly validating release candidate versions to catch any major issues before pushing a new version, otherwise the team should be all hands on deck working on the game rather than playing it.


When I become CEO of a video game company (any day now), I will hire people that don’t develop assets or program (I will hire people who do those things too, of course), I will pay them just to play the games the studio makes so they can identify issues that arise from hands-on practical experience of the game. It will be ground breaking, I will win all the awards at Geoff Keighley’s game awards! It’s the future! Inshallah!

Oh come on, how many more excuses do you guys want to make? That feature has been in the game for weeks, and Aqshy doesn’t seem aware of it.

And then there’s Aqshy herself saying “Nah, I don’t have time because I’m not working from home atm”, as if that were the deciding factor for not playing a game you’re working for for a month.

It makes it difficult to believe a CM understands your feedback if they don’t understand the game itself is what I’m saying. Adding statements like “A cosmetic shop that doesn’t rotate it’s content would just confuse you guys” gives the entire thing an even worse after taste.

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Agreed, which is why we have bi-weekly playtests where employees are paid to play the game and fill in a survey. We do get some really lazy answer though :smiley:

But one thing I’d never do, is ask the players to “solve” something I’ve designed without having completed it myself.
Though there are always nutjobs in the playerbase who need more difficulty (member Onslaught Cata 3 Twitch?)

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A CM is there to relay messages back and fourth between other devs and the community they dont make this stuff up themselves, they are told what to say (although hedge is just an a-hole and just says whatever the hell he wants, idk how that behavior hasnt had him fired yet is beyond me) but for everyone else its just to say what theyve been told and vise verse. They dont need to understand the feedback, they just need to relay it back to the devs that do