Thoughts on current (mini)bosses?

My stack of friends agrees: (mini)bosses just aren’t fun.

They’re not especially difficult, they’re just immense damage sponges. I believe (mini)bosses were given additional health alongside the Hunstman damage nerf, so that people could stop oneshotting them, but now (mini)bosses just tend to take forever while they lack the attack patterns to keep them interesting. Chaos Spawn is perhaps the most exciting, but Ogre, Troll, and Stormfiend are essentially only ‘fun’ when a horde eventually spawns during their fight (which may not happen if you time horde spawns before hitting a boss trigger). If a horde isn’t there, a team just spends a very long time bashing on some big, sometimes-slow target while one or two people occasionally need to sidestep an attack.

What are other people’s thoughts on the matter? Do (mini)bosses have too much health, or should they have more mechanics to their fights to keep the lengthy battles interesting?

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