This is the official forum right?

someone should ask them to post on the forum since they seem to be the only person responding to stuff

Very much appreciate what you are doing @anon34938710

Please keep it up! :smiley:


No, of course no bans for pinging me in this case. I was hoping to make my debut in the forums last week with some news, but i’ll be sure to share updates/news here when they are ready to publish which will hopefully be soon!


The prophet has arrived. I can go back in hiding now.


No! Please stay! You’ve been doing such a tremendous job!

Don’t worry Summer, I left a whole box of cookies in your crate to sustain you until you are needed again. :heart:

@FatsharkCatfish It’s wonderful to hear from you (no, really!). I know that despite the grumpy noise a lot of people genuinely do still feel invested in Darktide and hope to enjoy it when it succeeds. If there’s no news, there’s no news, but at last feeling like we’ve got a line open is something. We’re all quite antsy to hear what the next lot of patches and updates will contain.

I’m sorry if we (I?) ruined your debut, but if it’ll help I promise to be surprised when you leap out of the Golden Throne-shaped cake with a pair of chainaxes…

im so dissapointed.

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Can we get some insight into when the crashing issues are actually going to be fixed or have the devs still not got a clue on what’s causing it?
You’ve got a thread with over 1600 replies regarding this crashing and all we’ve got was, “sorry we don’t know what’s causing it” & that’s not good enough as it’s been going on for far too long now.

Please don’t! You are the apostle sharing the true words of the prophets that us mere mortals might miss, we need you.

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IMHO, this does not bode well for the ‘soon’ bit, but if I’m right, it’s certainly not due to you.

Welcome. I think all of us can understand that you wanted to appear with something concrete.

driving them away…
But…But it’s their job?!
What people want is mainly a “tick” to show that their worries have been acknowledged by FS.

It would be very pleasing if the communications are finally not just empty words. You only have to look briefly in the NEWS tab and see that this resolution was made more than a year ago, but unfortunately it was not for more than a survey shortly after, where the results were not even published despite requests… I am curious whether the realization is really sustainable this time.

But anyway, first of all welcome to the forum and hopefully to more pleasant times for all of us. :hugs:

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It’s up to two hours now.

Considering how I have already seen more than one post with prying questions, which it should be obvious are not something CMs are allowed to answer at this point… I mean, there are only so many ways you can re-phrase “we don’t know/we cannot announce this yet, working on it”.

And, besides, survey results are for the FS use, not for our curiosity. Would it be nice to know more? Yes. Would I expect “and what about the exact percentages?” the moment FS tells us something “a lot of people wanted X” and “some disliked Y”? Yes.

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I think I also missed this a while back… just thought id inject a dosage of copium to the gamepass people.

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Crossplay would actually be kinda nice. It’s healthier for the playerbase, if anything.
Shame that crossplay won’t solve the sorry state the game is in.

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In regards to the open letter, that was our community update.

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Regarding crafting

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