Lacking Communication and Guidance

i have tried to seek out guidance on who to talk to see if anyone will be able to provide answers to Asqhy who is no longer a CM in DT, while i doubt i the first to ask the question, none of the CM in DT are contactable via discord. so i will resort to this.

will Fat shark honour the deal made by there Former CM when they were still working for them if not why not.

i’m sorry to drag this to the forums but i was hoping that this could be resolved with a alacrity.

did anyone else get offered a deal by Fatshark?


i tried messaging catfish on discord but blocked due to their settings.


Man it sure would be crazy if our CM actually answered questions on the official forums. That’d be a pretty wild turn of events.

it official none of the CM in the Darktide discord can be communicated by the Convicts unless you are friends with them, the only way to communicate with them is on the forum.


I’ve chased this up and will let you know when I know more about any loose ends on this.


I aint no Convict, I’m a reject! (Sounds worse doesn’t it? lol)

Hey, this should be in your steam account last I checked? Did it not come through?

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I’m not in the Darktide Discord, but if you share any other Discords with me, you should be able to message me.

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Only just received it, wasn’t there yesterday. which is kind of odd.

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