KNOWN ISSUE: Crashing at Random, Due to GPU-Related Errors

crash_dump-2022-12-21-20.34.36-41eb04a8-dcb5-42db-9148-ca28d54accf1.dmp (934.3 KB)
crash_dump-2022-12-21-23.03.29-10ae3514-dc53-40be-984e-800a14389621.dmp (658.4 KB)
crash_dump-2022-12-22-11.23.49-05819470-9a11-4e45-bd28-4ee1fdbc554f.dmp (864.7 KB)
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crash_dump-2022-12-22-16.00.27-2730068e-cd9d-4319-aac0-09ab239d88f6.dmp (1017.2 KB)

I tried this and it gave me hope, only to be immediately crushed by a crash in the first game I played. All hope is lost, I have to assume that the devs don’t know what’s causing this or the technical debt is so embedded that we won’t get a fix any time soon/ever.

GUID: 3b69875f-457a-473e-8962-62cc2ba5108f
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console-2022-12-22-16.58.26-3b69875f-457a-473e-8962-62cc2ba5108f.log (136.4 KB)
crash_dump-2022-12-22-16.58.26-3b69875f-457a-473e-8962-62cc2ba5108f.dmp (643.7 KB)
darktide_launcher.log (52.7 KB)

Hello all. I’m here mostly to say that yes, we are still working on this.

To that end, there is now a new experimental build live that may help with hangs. Please try it if you exerience frequent hangs. Beta password: cTYPtKTsfMDsLHAV


Thank you for responding. I’ll give this a try now!

Cool. Might wanna do a big community announcement for this so you get people trying it. Can I assume I won’t be able to find a game with this build? Will this require redownloading the whole game?

It’s just a small (~40Mb) Binary patch, so it’s quick to toggle back and forth. And it plays against the same backend and the normal version.
I don’t want to advertise this prematurely to a bigger audience unless it actually helps.

The reality of this issue is that we really don’t know why this is happening for so many people, while not happening for yet so many others. And not being able to reproduce it myself doesn’t help at all.
But now I found something that could possibly be at least one cause, and this thred is a good place to start verifying it. :slight_smile:


That sucks. When the game first released I was crashing multiple times per match and it was super frustrating.

Probably won’t fix it, but if you want to give it another go try renaming the Darktide config folder and let it redo the entire thing. Try playing with 100% default settings, even stupid motion blur, and see if that’s stable or not.

Side note, to get rid of the windows bar, hit Alt+Enter when the game has focus, that should make it really full screen.

Just after 1 game into the experimental branch i crashed.

GUID: 849d5ba6-b2db-4082-9131-776a3a53cc0e
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crash_dump-2022-12-22-17.26.03-849d5ba6-b2db-4082-9131-776a3a53cc0e.dmp (826.7 KB)

My crashing has gotten markedly worse since the recent hotfix and I am CTDing approximately 3x per game. Here is all the info the log gave me. Thanks for taking a look at this. I’m going to try the experimental build option and see if that makes a difference.

GUID: a00a4cc4-9706-471f-8f17-1b0e5596e8c1
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[Crash Link]:
crashify://a00a4cc4-9706-471f-8f17-1b0e5596e8c1GUID: a00a4cc4-9706-471f-8f17-1b0e5596e8c1

Another crash during experimental branch

GUID: e369a3e8-2835-4476-8851-419eed1ae46b
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crash_dump-2022-12-22-19.56.36-e369a3e8-2835-4476-8851-419eed1ae46b.dmp (1.2 MB)

More crashing during experimental build. Nothing changed at all with the binary patch.

GUID: 8603ef1e-e586-4f69-aec2-7f70ca99297f
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crash_dump-2022-12-22-21.45.34-8603ef1e-e586-4f69-aec2-7f70ca99297f.dmp (851.3 KB)

Experimental build is way more stable, I could go halfway into a mission before it crashed with my fps set to 120. So something has been done, I would crash every 2-3 minutes. on live build.
I will try to do what others have suggested and change the config name folder and try to let DT refresh it.

GUID: 91740f23-8bea-4894-96c5-c25f2f49c1c4
Log File:
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console-2022-12-22-22.33.23-91740f23-8bea-4894-96c5-c25f2f49c1c4.log (149.1 KB)
crash_dump-2022-12-22-22.33.23-91740f23-8bea-4894-96c5-c25f2f49c1c4.dmp (699.3 KB)

If it helps i spoke with some folks in discords and something I believe was mentioned was the possibility of it be a gpu hang on amd hardware. Deffo seen more reports from folks that it happens more on amd than nvidia.

I just did the rename the config folder, and while on the experimental build I could do an ENTIRE run without a crash, I will report back later if I crash or whatnot, just want a bigger samplesize.

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Nope. Nvidia too.

While far more stable, there is indeed still crashes every once in a while:

GUID: 7e4c8145-feee-4d01-afbe-73f9e42c60d7
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crash_dump-2022-12-22-23.04.13-7e4c8145-feee-4d01-afbe-73f9e42c60d7.dmp (788.3 KB)
console-2022-12-22-23.04.13-7e4c8145-feee-4d01-afbe-73f9e42c60d7.log (820.8 KB)

GUID: 555052b5-af41-4a81-b4ed-3475be22d9c7
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console-2022-12-23-00.40.18-555052b5-af41-4a81-b4ed-3475be22d9c7.log (483.4 KB)
crash_dump-2022-12-23-00.40.18-555052b5-af41-4a81-b4ed-3475be22d9c7.dmp (776.0 KB)

crashing at launch of game
GUID: b256d919-d2a8-4635-81b5-dfe5cb58a6a8
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After using the experimental build and having DT recreate the user config file, Games been stable with Unlimited frame rate and 13 threads (16 max). Even tried to run both Nvidia Optimizer and DT recommended though when set to high/extreme, my FPS suffer a bit, but so far no crashes after more than 5 missions. I noticed that during mission, sometimes the game will lag a bit seeming to crash but recovers. I will try and get some more games in for more samples.

CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor
Windows 11 22H2

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same with beta

GUID: 18a8585a-d978-483e-94e8-0bbb94df705e
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again GUID is different every time not sure what that means

GUID: cbab18f7-00f3-4bc1-8dc5-c8900bb782a8
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