This is the official forum right?

Regarding crafting

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Hotfix patch supposed to be this week

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So ultimately, not much has happened since the release of the pre-launch beta since they only seem to come at this conclusion now that all the money has been made from the cash shop and pre-orders.


See! You are still needed!

You should get a special rank!

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Fairly sure they dont like me but im not breaking any rules nor being impolite to anyone.


If they don’t like what you are doing they should probably add all these tasty information bits here as well!

I will not join the DC server again. Three times was enough. I’ve learned my lesson (just like with FS games come to think about it… VT1, VT2, DT…)

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To be fair, if I ever manage to get a refund, ill leave this forsaken place.

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It links within the forum but here is what is on their webpage instead. Sorry for the whitebackground.


For those of you that are interested into looking into this more, here is the link for the webpage and the link listed in the discord post:


Forum: Topics tagged acknowledged


You will always be the Official Unofficial CM of our hearts!


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My God this isn’t circling the drain it’s hitting the garbage disposal.

“It is a start, i’m sorry it didn’t give you the specifics you were looking for.”

It didn’t give anyone any specifics.

Also love the “…,but hopefully we can have more concrete information on timing going forward” which is basically the new “next week”.

im confused, whats the point of in game premium currency if theres no cosmetics to buy

I forgot about this. This was posted very early december.

They “forgot” to put in the 100 and 2400 bundles. Yeah right.

Avoiding answering questions straightforwardly ain’t a good sign.

I know someone who markets at an indie, and they do everything through reddit or discord because most people do not visit the company’s blog or website. You have to make announcements where most of the people are, customers and non customers.