This is the definition of LAZY design

Whoever made this should be ashamed, and anyone who buys it should be even more ashamed.

Okay, to clarify for some more lazy people, the pants is for the zealot, and the vest is for the psyker. They recycled the same texture and pattern for two completely different outfits, for two completely different characters. These aren’t worn together on any character.



Even if they were not recoloured skins, they both look pretty ugly, so no one should buy them because of that as well lmao.


Also yes.

what exactly is the problem. Yuu mad cause Trousers and Jacket have the same Pattern and fit together?!

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Look at the images again, and think about what you just said.

wtf is the point of this thread


Again, read what you said and give me a normal answer as i did.

But better delete this post, since its totally useless like your answer!

You know theres a thing called different Tastes. I saw lots of Psykers today wearing these Premium. I dont like it, albeit the jacket, but not my Color.
But many do, so why bother Dude?!

YOu feel offended on probably the best looking new Premium, not the Ogryn Trousers, i would have understand… ^^ but this
but also, Ogryn trousers, gives Underhive Gang Vibes

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So is the complaint that the same pattern is used for 2 different class items, or that because of this, that it can’t be worn together?

For the same pattern for 2 cosmetics…who cares? It’s optional…if it’s not your jam don’t buy it. Maybe players from both classes would want that pattern.

For it not being able to be worn together, again…so what? Mix and match it with something else. Your brocade zuit suit will just have to wait I’m afraid.

Check at the leaked skins and you ll know why, this pant anyway should have been armored legs, but be pretty sure this armored legs will be sell alone a 900 aquilas, and you get a shity pants quickly done on the 2400 released full skin now

Tbf with the price point the skins should be completely different not have reused textures from each other. This isn’t free to play this is a $60 game with microtransactions. That means the cosmetic microtransactions need to be above and beyond as I e already paid a premium price just to play the game.

It’s simple respect for the Customer and their wallet.

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I believe the issue is that we already paid $60 for the game so the microtransaction items need to be to a much much higher standard than they currently are. Reusing the same crap for two skins is super lazy and insulting to people who paid $60.

As it stands the cosmetics from the shop are free to play game quality with clipping issues and all sorts of holes in their mesh. That is not remotely okay at all.

Subpar cosmetics are not supposed to be in a $60 game. They belong in Free to Play games.

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bro the game costs 40 bucks if you paid extra for the bigger edition you did so at your own Leisure.


You can just as easily replace $60 with $40. The quality of the skins is on par with a free to play not a premium release game. This isn’t a hard concept to grasp unless you’re just some kid in highschool.

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Not imperial edition

do you always get offended so easily? stop misspreding info, maybe then i wouldn’t correct you.

Can he just say what he think without being tackled ?


and who are you?

nah its fine

Jesus man, that’s some ugly cosmetic LMAO