This is still a problem! When is the patch 4.9.5 tower of treachery periodic game freezing going to be fixed? Its even worse in patch 4.9.6

Ever since patch 4.9.5 on april 18th 2023 vermintide 2 starting freezing and now since patch 4.9.6 was released it also clicks/pops once in one side of my headphones when it happens and then other times the sound on my entire pc will cut out because of it too. The only way to fix it when my sound cuts out completely is to disable my dac and enable it. During the middle of a game when it happens its frustrating…

Since the 4.9 Tower of Treachery update some players are experiencing periodic game freezing. Please try disabling all mods, as this has had some success in improving the issue. We are working on releasing a fix as soon as possible.

This has already been acknowledged by the devs in the known issues link but when is this going to be fixed? It used to happen rarely and now its become significantly worse in the new 4.9.6 patch because the game now freezes multiple times per game and has a dodgy clicking/popping sound when it happens too. The game is unplayable and thats not an exaggeration.

The only thing on my pc that has changed over time is driver updates like my GPU since january 6th of this year when i got this new pc. Everything was completely fine right up until patch 4.9.6 when this started. This only happens when playing vermintide 2 and not any of the other 13 games i play.

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Have you experimented with disabling your mods?

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner i have not been at my pc much lately. I will check and get back to you but in the meantime why was the known issue removed when its still happening? It has not been fixed because i have been checking the known issues thread for over a month and saw it was removed earlier today but i just confirmed in a game less than 5 mins ago that its still happening.

If its been removed from the known issues link in my OP does that mean the fix is in the game now or that its coming in the next update? Because if its in the game now it didnt work.

I have an update for you julia. I can confirm it still happens with no mods installed.

Turns out it has nothing to do with mods, Its dx11 causing the entire game to freeze. I tested so many things the past 50 days since patch 4.9.5 and the very last thing i could think of changing was trying dx12 and now game no longer freezes.

Can you please get someone to work on fixing dx11 asap because dx12 is a downgrade due to the fps problems it causes.

I don’t know if this will help with audio issues, but I recently had freezing issues too with DX11 after I updated my Nvidia drivers.

I fixed it by uninstalling the GPU in the device manager and installing the same updated drivers again after a restart. Then one more restart after the new video drivers were installed, and the freezing is gone.

Note that uninstalling the GPU in the device manager can make certain displays stop working correctly. I have 2 monitors and a 4k OLED tv set, and the tv set I use as my main display would not work with onboard graphics.