Update to my patch 4.9.5 broke the game thread. Months later vermintide 2 still freezes constantly. It turns out its unrelated to my pc, vermintide 2 mods or the internal lua garbage collection systems

This thread is an update from this thread: This is still a problem! When is the patch 4.9.5 tower of treachery periodic game freezing going to be fixed? Its even worse in patch 4.9.6

I have had more than a couple of pc experts look at my pc since patch 4.9.5 that released over 2 months ago and none of them can find anything wrong with my pc. I am ready to give the devs all of my pc/game information they need from my side so they can find and fix the problem that causes the entire game to freeze constantly. Some games it never happens, other times in happens once or twice then other times its constantly usually for around 4-8 seconds each time.

I play 19 other games that use different engines but none of those games ever freeze. Its just vermintide 2 that freezes.

I have tried every single thing that has been suggested by the fatshark website and its devs so far. I have gone above and beyond to try and discover what the problem is but i have no answers, there is nothing in any monitoring program or event viewer to suggest what is wrong with the game because i get no information at the times the freezes happen and the same goes for my hardware physically, there is nothing wrong with it. The only thing i know is that i have been playing the game for over 5 years and never had freezing problems on my old or new pc until this patch happened on the 18th of April 2023.

Either 1 of 2 things happens when vermintide 2 does freeze.
1: Vermintide 2 freezes when playing and i can tab out and use my pc normally so the only thing actually freezing is vermintide 2.
2: Vermintide 2 freezes when playing and i can tab out and use my pc normally so the only thing actually freezing is vermintide 2 but sometimes my audio will also cut out on the entire pc and i have to disable it and enable it to hear anything again but when i do that vermintide 2 freezes again for the second time, when this happens its vermintide 2 and all programs that are open on my pc like discord voice chat and youtube music for example.

I have supported this game and its devs for over 5 years and i would love to for another 5 years but im genuinely worried that this is the end of vermintide 2 for me because there is nothing else like this game out there :l

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I don’t understand these fatshark idiots, they just launch the content for the sake of launching it. The same thing happens to me and I have even noticed freezing when the enemies are going to hit me and the game freezes but the attacks still continue and I end up dead, even with each patch previous errors return or the difficulty increases ridiculously. This new map is crap because it is difficult due to the special and elite spam, not to mention the event of the barrels that are stupidly long routes but the problem is that since there is lava and then hordes and spam it freezes even worse.

Did you try my suggestion? I was having an issue exactly like the one you described.

I tried it and it didnt do anything. Like i said in this thread i have had a number of pc experts go through my pc and nothing is wrong with it but before that and even after that i went through my pc myself too.

1st the poor performance on Darktide, then them forgetting AMD hardware existed, and now Vermintide 2, which was stable as heck for me for years, now crashing every other game with more bugs than ever before.

Did the senior software engineer die or get layed off? Because this is just embarassing.

RIP and God rest his soul to that one dude that carried the team.

Hi @CallMeCC,

Just reviewing your previous post, and you mentioned by switching to DX 12 that the issue was resolved - to confirm, is this issue now occurring with DX 12 also?

If so, can you please provide us with your recent console logs so we can take a look?


I thought it was resolved but it was just random luck it didnt happen. It still happens and is not resolved lev :l

I will get back to you with a console log shortly.

The most recent freezes happened on the 13th of June. I barely play the game anymore because of it happening but i can get you more console logs if they are needed? I will need time to get new ones though.

console-2023-06-13-08.22.57-a2c94c07-7039-457c-b313-fbcf45560fa8.log (5.7 MB)

Ah okay :frowning: sorry to hear that!

Thanks for the console log - I’ve passed this on to our Engine Developers and have asked if someone can take a look. I can’t guarantee when someone will get to this, but I’ll be in touch when I have an update :slight_smile:

Thanks for passing my console log over to the engine devs lev. Do you want any other info? I could play today and get you another console log and tell you the exact time the game freezes if that would help?

Hi @CallMeCC,

We still need to investigate further, but on an initial look one of our Engine Developers has said that there are some strange things in the log. User settings are being used by another process, and there is a constant “trigger level complete” spam.

Initial suspicion is that this is mod-related. Though I’m still waiting on another Engine Developer to pick this up and delve deeper into the issue.

I’ll keep you updated.

What i can tell you is even with no mods installed the game was still freezing because in my last thread julia asked me about trying to play the game with no mods installed.

Hey lev i know you didnt ask for another consloe log but here is one where my first game froze multiple times today.

console-2023-06-20-11.44.55-e61b4346-0911-45b9-b67c-917a94da2636.log (897.4 KB)

I dont know if this information will help but this time the entire console log is from 1 game.

Please can you give this new console log to the engine devs?

Hi @CallMeCC, thanks! I’ve passed this on to the Engine Devs also. Still waiting for someone to be available to pick this up and take a proper look. I’ll continue to chase this!

Thanks for offering to chase it for me :slight_smile: I would love to continue playing the game everyday again whenever its fixed in the future.

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