This game is lack of weapon deterioration feature :)

Imaging, your soldier getting stronger and his weapon gains new tears and wearing effects. With time you have to fix it with crafting materials, but if you die in combat few times in row it will simply goes FUBAR. I think it shall be core feature, so beside farm “perfect” weapon, you will have to “clean it and upkeep”. Also fixing results shall be unpredictable, so your weapon can lose blessing or perk randomly. For psykin class it shall go fubar right after 1st wipe. Because we know, how much you hate psykers ^^

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Sure that is what we need. A DayZ mechanic, where your gun bursts after 2 Magazines fired in a game that is a horde shooter…


Yeah the less tarkov/dayz/whatever survival non sense i have here there better i feel. If i want my guns to jam randomly mid firefight because my weapons durability was not 90% i would just play tarkov to be perfectly frank.


Yeah…how about we don’t do this, battle worn damage visuals? That’s cool skin that and give it to players as an in game option for skins.

Forcing people to lose items? No. Forcing an upkeep? Hell no.

Imagine being a pskyer who loses the force weapon due to durability loss and only has a gun, you’ve crippled the class. Which is ironic, because you complained about them bullying the Pskyers class. This sort of feature would make it worse.

Perks being removed and blessings is also a poor choice given how hard master crafted weapons are.

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A bit of visual degradation after a few missions would be cool, but not if it effects the weapon’s performance. Just not really the kind of game where that would be enjoyable. Then when you upgrade the weapon at Hadron’s shop it looks clean again. Could be a fun way to show that you’re in need of an upgrade.

Alternatively, grey (literally called profane) weapons should not look the same as higher tier weapons. Profane implies that these are weapons that were probably stripped from heretics, they should look the part. Plus the image of a gun that was originally made in an imperial manufactorum, captured by heretics and covered in chaos symbols, then recaptured by the inquisition and hastily refurbished so the imperial motifs are covering the chaos symbols again is funny and appropriately 40k.

Reminds me of the Battlefield 1 expansion where they tried to make battle-worn and bloody skins for the Apocalypse DLC weapons, but someone messed up resizing it because they all look like Doom textures.

I don’t think people picked up on the fact that you’re clearly being sarcastic with this post. Idk which is more frightening - that, or the possibility of your suggestion being used :face_holding_back_tears:


That I’d like, weapon that show that they are well used are always fun

Now do this for premium cosmetics as well and make it quire the real money currency to fix.

The OP is not wrong. However, if we announce that the lovely 380 perfect weapon will now decay and, one day, disappear or cease to be perfect…
I know several that would have an heart attack… :rofl:

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This is the type of trolling that i enjoy :rofl:

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No. Also, are you trolling? I smell a troll.

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