This company should go under already

Blizzard sucks and i hate them.

Now fatshark, i am optmist about your future.

Your game is flawed , everybody hates to love and love to hate but they all still playing it, even the ones that complain a lot keep coming back.

Theres an untapped and growing demand for (decent) coop titles and so far, you are one of the top competitors, but that can change fast, the concorrence is dishonest and aware of your efforts, will probably copy the things you done right, so please try to stay ahead by improving and building upon your good work.

Make something worth putting your name on, make that name worth recognizing
Don’t die (never) , don’t get arrested.
Don’t get loans if you can’t pay them.
Don’t become blizzard/activision/bethesda.

Stay safe boys and girls.

It isn’t really loans, but I wanted to post this here as it relates to the company

Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, just wanted to give it exposure


What you mean the most soul-less and dishonest built on slavery money state owned chinese media conglomerate acquiring the rest of their shares is not a bad thing?
Have tencent ever done anything good?


I just really don’t want it to result in Darktide MTX shop, so I’m holding out hope Fatshark is able to retain a backbone (please god)


Just gonna devil’s advocate here. What if that allows for everyone to hop in and play all the content at any time. No more posts about, which DLC should I get, can my friends play weaves if they got the game on sale, How do we access X map. Everyone has access to all the content save some cosmetics, and those cosmetics pay for the game.

Keep in mind Vermintide is a terrible example of how to monetize any game since it now has like 3 different methods. WoM was a text book example of how to split your community. But even if Darktide got some hiked up prices and goes cosmetic only, it could serve as a better means to allow new players to come in.

As long as it goes “cosmetic only”, I’d agree. But my biggest fear is something like a mobile game earning model, or a büllshït subscription model + gameplay affecting stuff behind MTX (like Fallout 76 devolved into), or a game that feels incomplete without buying a lot of overpriced DLC, or plain old pay-to-win shenennigans. You can critisise FS for a lot of reasons, and V2’s earning model might be all over the place as they’ve been expirimenting with it, but you have to give FS that V2’s earning model has not at all been malignant, at least. But now that Tencent apparently took over, my fears for Darktide and the future of Vermintide have increased a lot on this department. And I’m certain I’m not the only one with such fears.

Not that I expect a reply here, but @Fatshark_Hedge : You guys might want to adress such concerns sometime in the future. I actually give you guys a lot of credit based on your actions so far, but it would put our minds at ease, at least.

While not out of any sort of malice, I would say that WoM as a form of gated content actually was and still is bad for the overall product. Gating a difficulty, stranding a already dying game mode behind a poorly reviewed expansion, and mostly gating an enemy faction like core gameplay on that level is something players should pay for. I see what you’re getting at but while it could be worse, WoM was bad at the time and its failures still affect the game to the day. Malignant is pretty close to the word I would use for it.

I see your point, and I don’t dispute that the current situation with content like a difficulty and a faction being locked behind a paywall has its issues. But the way “malignant” is used in my mother tongue is usually to describe something more or less deliberately negative. And in that sense, I do not feel FS’s monetising strategy is “malignant”. That there are better models thinkable: yes, but that it is a moneygrabbing ploy: no. I honestly get the sense FS doesn’t want to be evil with its moneymaking strategy. And I just hope that Tencent having a majority share doesn’t change or negatively influences that.


It isn’t, but i think clogging the storepage with cosmetic as dlc might give the wrong impressions, they should realocate these to steam inventory somehow.


I agree, I think Hedge said they were looking in to moving them


Or at least not clogging it further with future hats.

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