These two features are a must, shared resources, and leveling beyond level 30

The title says it all, it’s a MUST for resources to be shared, I hate wanting to play as my psyker but he only has 3 melee weapons, and 2 ranged staffs, and he is broke beyond belief, I played a lot on all other classes, I just stopped playing psyker after I reached level 30, for sole reason of wanting to get good staffs, but seems unlikely, so now he is broke, and has no weapons to fight, if coins and crafting materials (and even shared weapons), were available to all my characters, the game would make much more sense.

And as for the leveling beyond level 30 thing, for now just unlock it, figure out the rewards later, you can even hide levels beyond 30 (if you fear people will hate on level players), or if it’s just about level 100 and beyond looking messy, just replace the level with a skull icon, and increase the number of skulls for every 30 levels beyond the first 30, and for rewards I was satisfied with the commendation chests in vermintide.

In conclusion, can anyone really defend separating the resources? and by defend I mean with a real argument, instead of “we are working hard to increase customer satisfaction”?

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personally, i wish that they would add the level-up loot boxes, just like how they were in vermintide perhaps a “inquisitorial commendation supply stash” or something like that. and with the leveling past 30 that would make it so the timed shop would play less of a roll

I also think that the timed shop should reset when you level up, but that’s just a personal thing